Monday, June 15, 2009

june fifteen: perfect smiles

my loves glowing in the sun.
yes. the sun.


finding mr. dimetrodon peeking out of the woodpile

seeing Madd put on her huge bright pink backpack
and yellow and blue ducky helmet
and grab her scooter for A Grand Adventure

a pelican flying over the neighborhood, catching a thermal and spiraling upward
(we live in the desert, remember)

a Pirate Gril wrapped up in her clan's plaid

a patio for mamacomplete with yarn and roving
a jar of paintbrushes
little baskets and pots for treasures
and a stack of perfect books
(while this patio has always been here, only today have I decided to claim it.
here I can take shelter
in whatever way the moment begs.
in quiet
in thought
in meditation
in peace.)

colourful chaos in mama's newly claimed sacred space

a cicada shell...
which made it to a tiny treasure chest and put into his Neat Stuff Box

coloring mandalas with honeypot
(thanks, sheri)

and dozens of beautiful sticks to go along for the ride.

a perfect afternoon

pink yarn
er, princess pink

a swallowtail

hearing his daddy give trev the whistling bomb and explosion
during their game of battleship

regular visitors

seeing tiny wings
and spidery silver threads
aglow against an evening's sun.

and still smiling.


  1. It does look perfect. Glad the sun made an appearance!

  2. seemingly perfect peace. :)

  3. I think I need to claim me some patio space. Perhaps tomorrow.

  4. Ooooh....what a beautiful day!
    And lovely place, weather, birds,butterfly, husband and children, patio and Yarn.
    Thank's for sharing!

  5. That's a delightful reading nook - and an interesting stack of books.

    Please tell the sun to stretch it's rays east.

  6. Your photography is absolutely beautiful, and so is your writing.

    What a gorgeous day!

    I love your stack of books :)

  7. It is always lovely to check in with your days Stephanie! So full of goodness and light! Yay for the sunshine!!! Great capture of the hummingbird, they are tricky little gals to photograph! : )
    Be well!

  8. Ahhhh. What a wonderful way to spend the day.

  9. What a perfect day it was yesterday! Love the swallowtail and the hummingbird shots, perfect! We saw a swallowtail yesterday at Oma & Opa's house, their hard to miss. I can't wait until our trumpet vine blooms for the hummingbirds. We've spotted them perched on the power lines recently.

  10. Beautiful day. I would love to spend a day at your house. Even a few hours would be wonderful.

  11. I adore this post! Your sacred space is perfect...I coudl see myself there just sitting and doing and reading your inviting book collection! oh and just maybe with a little sip of that cool beer too? ;)


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