Monday, June 08, 2009

june eight: make

make do.
Bah. Who says that Physics experiments at three won't stick with ya?
While out in the garden first thing this morning, the babes were turning over stones- looking, no doubt for treats for Peep.
It seems the stones are sort of stuck since it rained a bit yesterday.
Madeleine's solution?
Grab the shovel and use the lever it creates to pry up the stone.

make conversation.
"Mom," says Little Son, "what does ghastly mean?"
A great word, ghastly.

make like high in the sky.

make a run for it.
Oh, goody. Peep decided to go for an adventure in The Big Wide World.
That took up about an hour of Mama and Daddy's day.

make yummies.
Then the children were off to the store with their daddy to pick up a few things...
for fruit leather!
My babes are crazy about fruit leather.
So we tried our hand at making some today.
make beads.
Maddie and I worked on the rose petal beads.And started a new batch...We'll write about that when they're all done...

make a Mama smile.
Trev sat across from me today reading our Watch me Grow: Duckling book today.
'Twas the first time he's picked up any books on his own other than dinosaur or prehistory to actually read.
I saw and watched him mutter his way through a few pages.
A mama has to love that.

make Outside.
To the garden!
(The sun came out for the fifth time today... it's been so crazy! An hour of rain, five minutes of sunshine, an hour of rain and dark clouds, five minutes of sunshine... on and on.)
To the Peep with the slugs and bugs the rain washed up!
To the snap peas!
To the tepee!That makes it final... our garden is complete. Tis all done... and now... we wait. :)

make a pretty.Madeliene is helping me with a project for scouts.

make dinner
(thanks baby)

make lazy.

Prob'ly that's it for us today.
See you tomorrow.


  1. Glad peep is getting on well- enjoying the bugs and slugs.

    Snow peas are Owen's absolute favorite! He stands eating them in his Grampy's garden for hours.
    I do hope ours come up this year :0)

  2. i want to make rose beads too and a teepee! what a nice post :)

  3. Love this post! So many wonderful things going on at your home. What a neat family you have.

  4. I love the rose petal beads. What a great idea!

  5. Love that, learning through the everyday!!
    Those rose petals are so gorgeous!
    You are one prolific blogger girl, your days are jam packed with goodness and your positive energy is felt in this space! So happy to 'know' you!

  6. Do the little pins make wide enough holes to string the beads later? This is on our to do list as soon as more of our roses bloom. My kiddos collect and trade beads and I know they'll love the idea of making their own (and scented to boot!).

    Lovely blog! Nice to meet you. :)

  7. Alicia - I'm actually using floral wire now, for that reason. (to make sure the babes can string them.)
    They take a few days to dry.


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