Monday, June 29, 2009

june 29

well, it's a good thing the babes were out of bed this morning before 7:30 (a rarity), because we had Things To Do!

Trev made our plans today, of course.

loaded beach bag :)

first thing we had to go get a new pool.
while ours was technically still working, it was barely limping along (one chamber had a slow leak that we couldn't find, and then a couple of days ago the bottom got a very large -seven inch or so- tear), it would have taken quite a trick to fix it.
so off to the store!and then home again home again to pump it up and get it heating under a hot sun.
while waiting for that, Trevelyn and his mama went over to pick up his #1 Birthday Present...
Spore's Galactic Adventures!
very exciting business, that.

to breakfast!!
to the skating rink/arcade/bounce house/jungle climbing thing/water park!
woohoo again!

a stop off at our favorite meat market for some barbecue deli-ci-oso-ness...

and another stop to take care of business (a serious larvae problem is going on in our pond) via a couple of beautiful goldfish -named Harold and Maude- :) (Mama named them, with permission)

and to home again,
home again,
jiggety jig

to finish filling up the pool

and to welcome Harold and Maude to the family.
and to play Spore Galactic Adventure. and Sonic. and Clifford.

and for a glass of beer. or two.

* * *
[cue: Led Zep's Over the Hills and Far Away]
(oh... okay. And Jane's Addiction, Bob Marley, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan)

it's 9:05....
we're finishing up our supper
heading to the front for fireworks...
and I dunno what else the day holds.

what can I say?
so, So Good.


  1. That picture near the end, of Trev looking right at the person holding the camera ... that look must have stopped your heart a hundred times since he's been born.

    Happy Birthday to him and Happy Birth Day to you!

  2. so so good indeed! Such full days...I loved this post and am coming away with my head spinning with your colours of summer!! Oh so beautiful.

  3. Crikey! what a great, great day!

  4. What a full day! It looks like a blast. :) I love, love, love your photos in this series. Much magic there!

  5. Your days are always brimming over with fun-
    sunshine. Surely you could spare some for a soggy friend in the far off reaches of the Northeast??

  6. I love your painting pictures...makes me want to get messy!

  7. Well your pictures have warmed me sufficiently, as it looks gray and cold and icky here today. Thanks for the sunshine! Love that picture of the Mr. in goggles!

  8. I love a blog with lots of photos! I love to see your days. :) My husband and I were joking about how much I hate scrapbooking...but how very much my blog is a scrapbook in many ways. :)

    Keep having those delightful days with the children. :)

  9. What a full day! So much energy over there!

  10. Fabulous music for a fabulous day!!
    I love your painting photos and would ya just look at that mountain in one of your shots!!


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