Tuesday, June 23, 2009

june 23: let the wild rumpus begin!

(yeah, I changed it a little.)

it turned out -unexpectedly- that Cousins stayed over last night after the birthday party.
that's pretty much a promise for awesomeness, isn't it?

there have been loads of new games made up

trampoline jumping

sharing secrets of a Neat Stuff box--particularly a cicada shell which didn't impress the girly cousins as it shoulda

bike riding

Sonic!! (which is great news-- Sonic is a favorite of Trev's, and previously he's only been able to play it at friends' houses via gamecube)

ScoobyDoo videos

lots of harmonica playin'

dino games (online and outside)

water balloon chaos (a favorite of ours)

two.no matter that they're not quite ready.....

to the park
and library

and the local pizza joint
with a final stop for a slurpee on the way home
I don't know what their plans are for the rest of the night.
They were talking about going to bed while walking home after slurpees.
"At seven o'clock?" asks a skeptical Aunt Stephanie.
"Well I didn't get one inch of sleep last night.... so if I go to bed now, at least I'll be able to sleep!"
Yeah, right.
I'll probably be asleep long before they are.
Again. Eight o'clock or no.
They've worn me out.

I guess I'll just step into my private boat
and wave goodbye....


  1. Picture #9 is astoundingly perfect!

  2. Wild Rumpus, indeed! Looks like a wonderful magical time.

    I love your blog. Your kids will have such amazing memories of their childhood. You should be proud :)

  3. Good times!

    They sure like a troup of happy summer kids :0)

  4. Cousins are the best, aren't they?

    I love Maddie's outfit. My girls have some like it and they're just darling. They satisfy the 'girlie' need my girls have but are much more conducive to climbing trees. And Wild Rumpuses.

  5. Nothing like having cousins over! Looks like a good time!

    I love the Come In sign on your masthead, by the way. It really captures a great feeling!


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