Sunday, June 14, 2009

june 14

Muffins were the first order of the day today. I had a banana recipe all figured out... only to have Cakes wake up and inform me that she wanted blueberry... definitely not banana.
Which meant tracking down a yummy recipe for blueberry muffins sans dairy (she's allergic to dairy).
I'm happy to report that I have found my regular blueberry muffin recipe, now.Phew. It's only taken a couple of years.

Madeleine worked on her catapults again today.It's also a see-saw, of course.

The day brought us two projects.

(this was totally Maddie's design.)

* * *
and Two.
A family creation!

This one was inspired by the yumminess here at Homemade Rainbows.
I just couldn't resist!

The day also brought a hand-me-down scooter for Maddie(she's pleased as could be)

and rain. Surprise!

There's talk of dinner, and a game of Battleship, and a movie. No doubt more MSB in there, too.
Or maybe Earth: The Biography.
Who knows!

I'm sure we'll see you tomorrow...


  1. Love the fairy house and I can't resist the 'come in' sign either. Adorable. We may be doing some sign making this week!

  2. What a wonderful day. I may have to do that sign as well. That is really cute :)

  3. The sign popped right out at me as your blog header came into view- very nice!!

    The fairy house is exceptionally beautiful as well.

    Hope you are enduring the rain allright :)

  4. I absolutely love the fairy house...and is that Peep substituting for the O in your sign?

    Love the guitar picture playing picture.

  5. MamaTea- it's just a round bird. I should have made him yellow, huh!?! I didn't think of it. It half occurred to me that the shape resembled Peep, but I didn't think to make it actually look like Peep.

  6. Just LOVE the fairy house!! We made one too but Maddies is spectacular! And the sign rocks too.

  7. Love the fairy house and that sign is just too cute!

    Lisa :)

  8. Lovely hand painted sign!
    Your banner looks beautiful, and that fairy house is divine : )

  9. Now that is a fairy house, and that sign? Well, that's the shiz! Looks great.

  10. I love Maddie's creation, and that sign is absolutely lovely:)

  11. What an inviting sign! I love your hand-holding "M". would you mind if i borrowed your idea and made a similar sign for our garden gate?

  12. Angela -
    It wasn't mine to begin with! I got it from Homemade Rainbows. (There's a link to it on the post.)
    I loved the idea so much!

  13. Ah! Love love love your sign! How wonderful that you were so inspired! it turned out fabulously... and thanks for the link... x


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