Friday, June 12, 2009

june 11: rain

rain rain rain.
Our day revolved around the rain.

The babes began with Magic School Bus Volcano
and Poisson Rouge.

I found myself seriously needing to sit and tinker with something for a while, so I invited the babes to play. First Maddie and I had fun with circles - with a compass and with tracing. Then she started tracing various other shapes.

I started a project before that I really like (the idea comes from Journey Into Unschooling), but the babes werena up for it then. Ready to try again, I got out the large tray with various parts and sundries.

Maddie's: "The Lady With the White Collar and Pink Dog"

Mama's: "It's Raining Again"

The children were eager for a trip to the library so after we spent half of our day looking for lost dvd's (!!!).... we finally got around to waiting for the rain to stop.
Because, you know... we like to keep our umbrellas and raincoats in the truck, and Daddy takes the truck when it rains. (We're pretty smart.)
Let's just skip over the particulars of that couple of hours, shall we? 'Tis best forgotten.

Finally! We'd all been dressed for hours, books and videos packed (found all but one dvd)... and we waited. And waited some more.
And then Maddie fell asleep and we decided we weren't going... and we fixed a yummy pizza for dinner and ate... and then the clouds got bright (white instead of dark gray) and Trev came in to say "It's looking better out there... can we go?"... and Mama had just been asking herself the same question....
And we decided that we needed the walk, needed the Outside
so Off! we went.

To the library for some very interesting books and a favorite software game for Trev, and Maddie's favorite Thomas video.
With a stop by 7-11 for cherry slurpees, all around.

'Course, it wasn't the destination, but the Journey that we were needing.
We left our churlish selves far, far behind.

Today it looks like we're receiving a break in the storm... I can see blue skies.
Methinks we'll be Out today....


  1. I almost missed the rain this morning, it was so cold. There was even frost on the golf course. But it looks like it is shaping up to be a fine day. Hope yours is delightful. :)

  2. I think I need some sunshine too, after all of these rainy days!

  3. Ugh. The rain-it just stopped here. Hope you make it out today. Love the sculptures! That must be nice to be walking distance to the library!!!

  4. I feel your rain pain.

    Owen has spent a large part of the day teasing the dog and jumping on his bed with goggles!!! (I'm not at all sure how the goggles fit in.)

    I do hope the sun has not forsaken us all :)


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