Tuesday, June 16, 2009

House and Fairies

I'm quite certain that everyone has their own version of Houses and The Fairies That Reside In Them... none-the-less, here's our version.

We made the house, first.
We gathered twigs, and cut them to the same length.

You can use twine to tie them together,we later also bound them with floral wire at the top and the bottom of the sticks to make our form firm. (You may not need the wire if you're making a square structure.)

We tied ours together at the end, making a circle.

We covered the walls with dried sheet moss.

Madeleine chose an artichoke for the roof,
and she decorated it with tiny green plums, pinecones, and dried flowers.
* * *

For our Fairies, we first gathered various dried flowers, leaves, nuts, fresh flowers, and pinecones.
We started with styrofoam balls for heads, and plastic disposable cups for the bodies.

We trimmed off a couple inches of the cup
and put a hole in the bottom.

I used pipe cleaners for my arms and legs, Madeleine used vine.

We bent them in half, and put it through the top of the cup, and strung another piece through the bend, connecting the arms to the body.

For the head, we put a piece of floral wire through the head, and connected it through bend in the vine, attaching the head.
Decorating comes next. Anything can be used! Corn silks, yarrow, lavender, leaves, grass, whatever is in your garden.
I loved this project.


her mama's

We're off for a tea party....


  1. Great post I love the fairies and houses. fantastic!!

  2. TOO CUTE!!!!!!! I love that Madeleine used a vine body.

    lisa :p

  3. Goodness! Such goodness.

  4. I am loving these... very very cute, and what a great idea!

  5. Oh wow, I love this project, the fairy house is fantastic!

  6. So very creative! I love the house.

  7. How adorable! There's an article on making fairy houses in Living Crafts right now. My kids are wanting to try this weekend. Fun stuff!

  8. So sweet and fun! I especially love that little house!

  9. We are all about fairy houses over here! I LOVE your house design, and the fairies are so sweet!!

  10. Love the fairies and the house. What a cool project!

  11. What a gorgeous post!!! I LOVE them both... and the house. We will make these for sure... thanks for sharing on Friday's Nature Table.
    Blessings and magic.

  12. These are darling! I'm inspired again, :-)

  13. They are so beautiful. We made a little fairy garden this summer and my girls have been using fairy dolls to play there. They will love your homemade fairies.

  14. Such fun! Love these pretty fairies - what a great idea to use Styrofoam and cups. Love all of the natural decorations on these fairies and the house. Well done! Catherine (new follower)


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