Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a funny

So upon getting off the telephone from making plans with friends, I go to the den (it was a madhouse back there) and let Eric in on The Events Of The Day.

He's in a grump.
"What?" I ask.
"I'm working on my my ipod (library) and Trev just comes and turns off my computer, and laughs hysterically!"
He's frustrated, so I take Trev into the livingroom.
"Bud... how would you feel if you were working on a new really cool Spore creation, and someone just turned off your computer, causing you to lose it?"
"That would just be rude!"
"But how would you feel?"
"I would feel angry...." he says with a non-repentant and mischeivous smirk.
"What's going on?" I asked, wondering if he was feeling disappointed that Eric wasn't playing with him or something (heaven forbid Daddy ever taking two minutes for himself)... "How are you feeling that you would do that?"
"I'm just feeling.... cheeky! You know what cheeky means, right, Mom?"
"Yes, I know what cheeky means," she says with a straight face.


  1. Hilarous. I needed that giggle today :) Anyone who can use cheeky gets a star in my book...and any mom who can keep a straight face while someone says cheeky to amazing.

  2. I'm with Mama Tea. That made me laugh. To use cheeky correctly - hilarious!

  3. I love it! I don't think I could keep the straight face. I use that term a lot with my kids-it makes me feel British!;)

  4. Lol! He's got you wrapped around his finger! In a good way!

  5. EclecticallyYours -
    admittedly! I'm impressed by cheekiness.

  6. FEELING cheeky! It's an emotion, yes. lol

  7. He he. I have a four year old who has been awfully 'cheeky' all week and he has a big brother who is n.o.t.a.m.u.s.e.d. ;)


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