Thursday, May 07, 2009

zoo zoo zoo

Maybe you thought I meant the animals when I said yesterday we were going to join the half-wild beasties... but really i meant a few fellow unschoolers.

Zoo zoo zoo.
[smile] You're not interested in seven hours worth of zoo pictures, I know, but it's my babes' story (and they are), so there you have it.

I give you The Zoo....

(Now that wasn't so bad, was it?)


  1. Awesome photos! I love the Zoo! I'm glad you shared :)

  2. Thanks Molly.
    For being Nice. :)

  3. Once again, too many fantastic pictures too comment on.

    That monkey, the baby girl on the zebra, the zebra, the giraffe with the funny expression, the giraffe's butt, the girl on yet another carousel ride. Looks like it was a lovely day.

  4. I really like this blog.

    The zoo pics are spectacular and INTERESTING to me... but I'm a photo heavy, blog Mom, poster too :o)

    I say ... bring em' on!!!

  5. I'm bummed we didn't get to go:( Glad you guys had fun! You got some great shot for sure!

  6. I look forward to your photos! It is one of the many things that I enjoy about your blog. :) I am loving the zebra pics. For some reason, zebras always make me smile.

  7. OMG! That giraffe head shot cracks me up!


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