Sunday, May 31, 2009

snapshot sunday

This one makes me smile-- and warrants an explanation. We compost in our house.
The children know all about "take it out to the compost heap", but for some reason they feel that the things they enjoy particularly - watermelon rinds and corn-on-the-cob leftovers - need to be left directly in their favorite spots.
Love offerings, don't you know.

I know I often take pictures like this.... but what can I say? I am a Mama in love with a boy who loves his dinosaurs.

Play with us.


  1. Great shots. Love the corncob and laundry especially. ;)

  2. we just started husband started... our worms arrived and i plopped them in... when my husband came back from work, the worms had all crawled on the lid of the compost bin... now i am "hands off"..LOL. we started a tomato garden and my daughter is leaving peanuts out for chipmunks... betcha we'll see tomato zero.

  3. i do that too with the love offerings. i've been grumbled at so many times in the past because of it. i've even been called "lazy" before.

    i really do feel like Mother Earth is ok with it. she doesn't begrudge me at all. i don't do it out of disrespect. like you said, it's a love offering.

  4. Totally love the corn! Mine are currently hoping for a squirrel... We live nowhere near an oak tree and have to drive 30km to gather acorns at grannies house, nothing else will do - Nothing!!!


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