Wednesday, May 27, 2009

our theme song

Yup. From the happy music to getting bonked on the head once in a while... and all things in between.
That's us.


  1. That is cute. We enjoy that little cartoon.

  2. Love it! We still watch Peep, although we have seen every single episode a million times already!!!

    Thanks for the Jumpstart recommendations....yeah, we had lots of trouble loading second grade off their site yesterday. We haven't gotten the membership yet, but we are looking into it. We will try the software, I know when I was teaching we used it in the classrooms often. It really is a good program and the girls need all the practice they can get involving math....

    Thanks again Stephanie! You're the best!
    Lisa :)

  3. I FLIPPING love PEEP. I swear it was written for adults. The theme song is even better. :)


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