Monday, May 04, 2009

May Four

We started out with our pretty art project, because the day promised rain, and Mama didn't want to be deterred! :)
And there was JumpStart World (second grade) which included lots of fun reading and clock setting.

There was an exploration on the newly discovered (yesterday) Dino Squad website.

And - oh, yeah- The Three Stooges. (Funny that you mentioned that the other day, Sarah, as I had seen it in the tv list the night before, and thought "right up Trev's alley...")
Trev is loving The Three Stooges.

And there has been recreating Prehistory in the sandbox. (well, it has been a day or two.)

Parquetry Pals
and Rocky Road icecream.

Out in front with the sidewalk chalk to practice drawing for a minute.

Maddie wanted a pig
and then her body traced.
Trev drew a helicopter
which led to "Do you think that in the future there will be flying bicycles.... bicycles that will fly by one wearing a propeller on their head?"
and then "I'm going to invent one. Except it won't have wheels. It will have pedals, but the pedals will power the propeller on your head."
"Wow. That's pretty Cool."
"I know!" says he. :)

And then a bit of this
(more of ) that (the grass is to make for the ferns, of course.... as grass hadn't evolved, yet)

and the other.
And a bit of mummifying (wrapping lightly in a blanket) and "cracking" on the tramp. With Blondie.

pbs kids and Peep videos

and to the library for our Tall Tales videos and our book Paths to Peace: People Who Changed the World, and lots more treasures....

We're hungry for our dinner and hungry for our books,
so we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Your pretty art project is pretty amazing.

    I love Trev's helicopter and invention ideas... I get to listen to lots of those here..

    You have lilacs already....
    no fair. Three more weeks for me to wait :0)

  2. Hi,
    I really like your blog & that pretty art project is beautiful!

    Love & light
    Gina xxx

  3. Your daughter is just darling! I love her pony on a stick. Where do you find those? And what are they really called? And Trev, what an imaginative boy. That is so awesome.

  4. I normally visit you at your personal blog. I look forward to visiting here more often when the LO is older. I love the days you guys have.


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