Wednesday, May 06, 2009

May Five: failed experiments and all.

Do you ever get weary of failed experiments? Even though, you know.... they're called Experiments?

I do.
Ah well.
We'll move on.

Lots of reading today. Er... for Mama. Until.... I dunno, noon or so. :) Yup. Sometimes I do that.

We made a second go at extracting colors from color.
The first time was several days ago, and we painted with markers the tips of strips of paper towels set into water to dissect the colors from combined colors (black, brown, green, orange, purple). It didn't work. Just left the paper towels clean, and a puddle of paint on my table. ???

Today was going to be different!
We were extracting chlorophyll (different colors of chlorophyll) from spinach!
Place torn spinach in a jar, cover it with isopropyl alcohol, cover it loosely with a piece of foil, shake it every five minutes or so.... then put one end of a strip of coffee filter into the alcohol/spinach, and wait for the differently colored chlorophyl to creep into the filter!Tada!
Never mind that we were busy reading books on the trampoline, and forgot to stir and shake it every five or ten religiously.

Moving on.

Art Project!
Today we were going for a James Whistler effect, via The Usborne Art Treasury.
Cities, smoke, buildings, chalk, splatters....
Unidentifiable, I'm sure, but we had lots of fun doing it.
We read Rosa's story today.
Which of course brought much discussion

and a Clifford story (while still basking Under the Sun)

and then Trev treated Maddie and I to a reading of Green Eggs and Ham (due to a discussion of not liking green eggs or ham in the last couple of days)
... which Trev thought was "a great story." High praise indeed, seein's how Dr. Seuss figures -namely the Grinch- creep him out.
(Also; it was cool to see -and hear!- him read it, and then go back over to put in fun inflections and personality into the story. A new thing, for him. This was the first time he's done that.)

Jump, jump, jump.
See Mama jump.

Constellation stories?
No go.

Aaaah... how about Greek Myths, then?
Yup. Perseus and the Gorgon's Head.
And then King Midas and the Golden Touch.
We loved both of them! But especially Perseus and the Gorgon's Head. Particularly that The Three Grey Sisters had "one tooth, and one eye between them", and they actually took them out to take turns chewing food and seeing something! Hilarious! And that the evil king was turned to stone in the end when he insisted on seeing Medusa's head. Ha!

Jump, Mama, Jump!

Wait... do you suppose? Under the mic-fro-scope?....
We looked at the emaciated spinach and the coffee filter paper, at least. Cool!Not varied colors, but cool.

Swing play
Play with Blondie for a few minutes

Daddy's home...

aah, Boy With Mama In Tow leads to hullo! and Boys (and little gril) In Backyard.

Mama then gets even more front porch time with her beloved notebook.
Have I mentioned that yet today? No? One of my Very Favorite Things is sittin barefoot and sideways on the front stoop with Little Notebook on my lap. Typetypetyping. With a glass (or mug or jug :) ) of pretty golden ale beside me. It's been a long time.

"What is that? asks Boy, laughing in an astounded sort of way.
"What? I didn't have anywhere else to put it!" says Little Son.
And on that note.....

A super fun day.
With lots of different flavors.


  1. The sandwich thing provided me with a burst of laughter. :D

  2. I get discouraged by failed experiments too. The rest of the day looks fantastic though. :) Especially the grilled cheese on the bike handles...hehe.

  3. Me too on the burst of laughter at the GC handle bar. But I love the pic of your girl with the flower crown up above.

  4. mic-fro-scope lol adorable! My kids like to eat while exploring too, never tried sandwiches on handle bars but it makes sense to me :D I also think it's great to have failed experiments, more real life.

  5. wow! that looks like a great day :o) nothing like a little experiment to get the juices flowing :O)


  6. That helicopter on the swing is the best photo in the world. how I wish you guys would zip over and have a mad play for the day...

  7. LOL - love the sandwiches on the bike!

    What a lovely day. You always manage to squeeze so much fun in. :)

  8. I thought that was what bike handles were for.... hee hee.

    You know we have plenty of botched experiments here too, all part of the process of learnin' I guess.

  9. Love the grilled cheese-cycle! Too funny!
    p.s.Let me know if you want to re-do those experiments. I promise you I can make them work.

  10. Oh my goodness I'm smiling at this post for soooo many different reasons....such fabulousness at your place!

  11. Se7en-
    Oh, yes-- we travel to South Africa daily.... we'll be there 10am your time tomorrow! ;)

    Shona and Tara - you're so right! Thanks for keeping me In with good science mojo. :)

    Theresa - Thanks, I will!!

  12. The sandwich handle bars are pretty rockin' I am dying over here. Best thing I've seen in a long time!


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