Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day

Aaaah, the Very Merry Month Of May!
How delicious.

Maddie started her day industriously building shapes and form with the geoboard and rubberbands.
She insisted we admire her "isn't this awesome?" design.We (her Daddy and I) did.

Trev and I shared reading time. Among them was a story called 20,000 Baseball Cards Under the Sea. Great fun, that one.

Mama delved into a couple of books: Keeping a Nature Journal (such a beautiful book) and Fizz, Bubble, and Flash. Claire's book I've owned for a few years, but I've decided that I need to have my own copy of Fizz, it's just too full of wonderful info to not have a permanent home on our shelves. (Did you know that the cause of Beethoven's deafness and semi-madness was lead poisoning??? Well, maybe you did, but I didn't.)

I started to doze off (I'm recuperating from a nasty-wicked bout of Food Born Illness -yesterday- my husband, the Chef, won't let me call it food poisoning, as he says it's a misnomer and therefore incorrect) and further my getting-wellness, and then realized it was MayDay!
Up we go, then.

We made our cleaners. (a great way to celebrate MayDay, that cleaning...)
Into the backyard!
Maddie and I gathered flowers for her headdress,
and Trev and I gathered greens for his.

We played with bubbles
and we danced and sang around the Maypole (we made up the song).
We've gathered delicious blossoms for our home

spotted butterflies - in our Butterfly Garden!-
made music
and then Maddie hosted Tea while Trev went exploring with Blondie. (Evidently on their Explorations today they were building Pies out of mud, leaves, blossoms, and water.)

Mama found chive flowers
and strawberries!
and that the new lilac (planted last year) is white. I'd forgotten.

There was baseball

and kickball
and Maddie brought in something (an ant) to look at under the mic-fro-scope.
We lost it before it made it to the slide, so we checked out dandelion fluff and a blade of grass, instead.

More play with Blonde Friend.
A beautiful day.
An' prob'ly we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. I am so is it possible that one little flowery girl be so damn cute? Seriously. She is so sweet.

  2. she's pretty cute, isn't she??

  3. She's darling. Love her in her wreath.

  4. Thank you! Your children are beautiful as well.
    Your daughter is so beautiful with her flowers.
    I've added the growing naturally blog to my sidebar.


  5. Beautiful little Maddie wearing a crown fit for a true princess. Happy May Day!

  6. Oh, what a fun day! I've always wanted to celebrate May Day, but it's never quite worked out. Thank goodness it comes every year, so there's still time. :)

  7. Very beautiful and inspiring as usual. Love that headdress! And the maypole! And that photo of the two of them on the swing! Just more lovely ordinary life magic!

  8. I can't imagine a better May Day clebration...

    Maddie's crown of flowers is sublime :0)

  9. Love your Maypole! A wonderful start to the month of May.

  10. Hope you are feeling better now. Just love it when your making cleaners day comes round. That flower headdress on your daughter is lovely and beautiful maypole too. Happy May days to you and your family.

  11. Your days always looks so full and so full of exploration, beauty and joy. Always inspiring!

  12. She looks like a fairy Princess in the flower headdress. How unbelievably cute.

  13. I am loving the flower crown. :)


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