Wednesday, May 06, 2009

may 6th

We started out with storytime and 60 degrees at 9:36am.
How beautiful is that?!

And Maddie and Mama played I Spy while we cleaned the kitchen.

Friends came over to spend a couple of hours with us...
and Xavier introduced Trev to Galactic Spore.....
You should have heard the hootin' and whoopin' and hollerin' about "how awesome this is!" (videos... the game isna out yet.)

We got ready for heading to the park for the day.
Well... we didn't really expect to spend the whole day - or six hours - but we did.
(Remember that it was a gorgeous 60 degrees this morning.)

We were going to play and explore before our first Earth Scouts meeting!
Yay for Earth Scouts!!
Tomorrow it's the Zoo.With all the other half-wild beasties.


  1. Lovely day you all had. Love the picture of Trev in the tree. Enjoy the zoo tomorrow. xx

  2. All that sunshine and lush green grass to play on..... yum!

    I've forgotten what the big yellow orb in the sky looks like.... it's our third or fourth day straight of rain, but who's counting.

  3. Wow-I forgot all about Earth Scouts!!! Thanks for the heads up!
    Your days are looking so sunny!


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