Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 30

Saturday was spent playing Garden, Garden, Who's In the Garden?
We finally planted most of the babies

got the pumpkins going

ate the first sugar snap peas

found tiny (tiny!) mushrooms in the Faery Garden(certainly a good sign)

found insect eggs - we think they're ant eggs
tended to the pond

found the first blackberry flower
played with water balloons

enjoyed the first summer sprinkling of rain

stopped by the irises many, many times to inhale their incredibly sweet fragrance
had our first hummingbird at the feeder

and welcomed the first lavender flowers.
A lovely way to spend a Summer's Day, to be sure.


  1. Wow... the blackberry flower looks so delicate!

  2. Oooh! Sounds like a fantastic day!!
    I love all the little details to be noticed in nature!
    My little guy helped me plant today. He covered each seed with dirt saying G'night little baby, I'm tucking you in, have a good sleep!

  3. Someone has sharp eyes to see those insect eggs. So many lovelies in that Summer's Day.

  4. what an amazing way to usher in the summer. looking up close you realize how awake everything ready for summer days.



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