Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 29th

Today we boogied about the house shinin' things up so that we could come home tired to a sparkly house.
Three out of four of us were off for an adventure!

There's a dinosaur park and museum about 40-50 miles north of us that has of course been on our short list for a few years now.
And about two miles this side of the dinosaur park is the nature center. So... you know. When we travel that far from home, we make it count.
Today was no exception.

We were not able to say Hey to our turtle friends today, unfortunately. (It was hot today- they werena layin' about in the sun as before.)
But we were thoroughly charmed by the dragonflies
and butterflies (several different kinds)
a couple of deer
one single frog face
the giant tree house
a tom turkey
birdhouses(Maddie's favorite one- she always looks for this one)

a kestrel
snake skin
a bear's cave
deep woods
vibrant ponds
and sittin' in the shade, watching the cotton from the cottonwood trees fly, and shine in the sun.
(Mama enjoyed that last part.)

On to the dinosaur park, then!
A very fine day.


  1. Oh I wish we had a dino park like that near to us. The boys would have LOVED that.

  2. I am coveting your dragonfly photo.... I can never get them to stay still enough to focus. Did you ask him kindly not to wriggle about??

    I love the cretaceous display with the high voltage sign- very authentic!

  3. Beautiful dragonfly photo.

    Araina is envious of the dino park photos, she loves dinosaurs!

    Lisa :)

  4. Oh, I remember that place....isn't it up near Logan? We went there when C was little. It's a haven for those dinosaur lovers (which he was back then).
    And I know he probably wouldn't like me saying this, but Trevy looks so sweet on those monkey bars.
    I love the dragonfly picture, so pretty.

  5. I look at that dinosaur park every time we drive through there, but no-one but me has been interested so far... Maybe if they added fairies, I could get Hannah in there. I think I'll wait until Ainsley gets a bit older.

  6. Sister - it's in Ogden, at the mouth of the canyon.
    (Not quite Logan, thank goodness.)

  7. Oooo, what dino park? We're coming thru Utah in a few weeks. Would love to drop by if it's not too far out of our way :-)

  8. the comments, JJ ;-)

  9. That dino park looks fabulous!

  10. Looks like you all sure know how to have fun!!
    (Gorgeous dragonfly photo, they are my favorites!)

  11. What a beautifull picture of the dragonfly. In the Netherlands we have other dragonflies. Most of the time they are bleu, but last week I saw a red one!
    You can see it on my blog. (vuurjuffer)

    Have a nice weekend!

  12. Love that photo of the children walking down the path. Looks like a good day to me.

  13. Great shots. I would love to know what kind of camera you use.

  14. Hi Denise.
    I use the Canon sx10 IS.
    I'm crazy about it. :)

  15. I loooove the birdhouse bike! Makes me want to go hang one up in my backyard...


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