Thursday, May 28, 2009

may 28: moving into

This Mama had a choice today...
Be uneasy and go against the natural flow, or move into it.

After a couple hours of being vexed by low energy all around and contemplating coercing myself (and surroundings) into something that could or should be..... I stopped.
And melted into what Is.

I'm happy to report that we've been quite alright since then.

There have been quiet computer games

ball with Dad

and the making of orange/mango/banana popsicles.

We've played dinosaur games under chairs and tables

discussed Natural Laws

and have rested on a cushy Mama.

There's been quiet time

Alone time

and pizza with fresh basil and tomatoes time.

We have layed back on a blanket
under the trees

and have read

and been read to.

We've lied on that same blanket and looked to the sky and played many, many games of I Spy.

We've snuggled and lazed.

And then Little Son plays dinosaurs near the pond

Maddie jumps rope with incredibly soft wool

while Mama spins

and spins

and spins.

That'll do.


  1. Moving Into- what a great way to look at the situation. I'm going to remember that.

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful day. I hope your weekend is just as great!

  2. "After a couple hours of being vexed by low energy all around"

    So many days when I feel this and know that my reactions are influencing the outcome (which usually ends up being tense)instead of just "melting into what is"

    Thanks for the reminder,I now have a great visualisation tool to use in those moments, of seeing my icy self melting and melding and flowing.xx

  3. We're on our third day of rain and showers so I found it hard to motivate myself yesterday too.

    Owen and I crawled back to bed and watched a movie....
    how decadent!

    Glad you enjoyed the rest and sky watching with your kiddos.

  4. Sometimes ya gotta let go and let...whatever!

  5. mmm...I like that, melting into what is!
    Sounds like a beautiful day!

  6. I'm not certain that Trev would be interested, but I'll bet Maddie would love stitching.
    Think I'll bring that up sometime soon.

  7. sounds like a heavenly day!
    isn't it amazing to have those days that you are just being? present moment joy...its hard as a mama to just be....even if for just a day. x


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