Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26

Maddie and I started out our day making the house smell like grape koolaid and black cherry tea.
Pleasant enough for the senses.What fun.

Trev headed (upon waking) to his JumpStart game

and Maddie started 'sper-a-minting.
We finished our woolItalic... Trev's is the lime green, of course, always green....

said hello to the day

(this one is Trev)

hung laundry in the sunshine
Trev liberated his garden of bindweed
and we moved to our big garden.
We enjoyed a stack-o-library books on the trampoline
(and to the patio... and ending in the tent....)
... about which I have to grin....
among others, we read I Am a Pillbug and nice story called Pink and another fun one called The Swing.
Interesting was I Am a Pillbug, since we have raised a few questions about them lately. Upon learning from our book that they poo where they eat, we headed out to a few favorite spots, looking for square arthropod poo.
We didn't find any, but we did find a few things to look at under our eye-clops scope.
Also very interesting.... in our next Dinosaur Cove book, Stampede of the Edmontosaurus, there was a meteor that hit the earth. The two boys in the tale discovered that the ground was very hot through their shoes around the crater.
I stopped and asked Trev why he thought it was hot, saying "...for every action...." and he grinned widely, and responded with the rest of Newton's Third.
He supposed that the heat may alternatively come from the heat of the comet itself, so we read on.
Soon enough we read that by the time they get through the earth's atmosphere asteroids (meteors) are cooled. So we were right! The heat was caused by the force of the impact.
Awesome. (Love those connections.)

"Mom. What color does purple and green make?" asks Trevelyn.
Let's find out, shall we?...Turns out, purple and green make a beautiful Dinosaur Green.
Jumpin' with Daddy is going to be followed by dinner and a trip to the library.

Who knows after that. : )

I'm sure we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Such gorgeous photos, Stephanie! I feel like I can smell summer just looking at them!

  2. Love the wool. I must find the pill bug book at our library. I am curious if the eyeclops scope is worth the money.
    Sounds like a wonderful start to summer.

  3. Such lovely photos, thay really capture your day :)

  4. Fantastic day, some of my favorite activities! You guys sure know how to live!

  5. Very nice pics of the cute fuzzy bird and my favorite... ladybug!!

  6. I'm so in love with your life, your peaceful days of gently exploring the world... Your posts like this remind me of how I felt when I read The Shell Seekers... I thought, 'I could do this... I could be like this... if only I just...' You are so lucky to actually BE that!

  7. Hello, I am new to your blog, it is so sweet and cozy here, full of life! Love your banner!
    This type of family living makes me smile!!
    Beautiful post!

  8. Hi GardenMama.
    Thanks so much for leaving a nice comment and saying hello!

  9. Such beautiful pictures. I really admire that you live and seize the day to the full. Always lots of action and energy.

  10. Hey! I would love to see a tutorial on drop spindling!!!


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