Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19

Oh, that they were all so easy and flowing and lovely.

This morning we spent quite a while doing research.
Researching things for our medicinal herb garden, new dinosaur games, researching stuff for our Earth Scouts meeting tomorrow, watching a favorite video again, requesting things for a trip to our library-- for more research. :)

Yesterday the children accidentally discovered a game we have, JumpStart Language Club. Today they've both been on and off (though mostly on) the game.
"I think that's so cool that you're studying foreign languages today, Son."
"Are you just studying French?"
"French, Spanish, and Co-we-chee-wa."
"Also known as Chinese."
"Aah." Cool. Very cool.

There was a bit of moonsand play.
And we played for a while with the idea of Iridium - how more than Earth produces has been found in in layers of rock, and also how the earth is impacted by an asteroid.
We did this by filling a deep bowl and a shallow piepan with flower, and dropped things into them- watching clouds and craters form.
After we demonstrated with different materials, Trev extended the play to butterflies and amphibians, narrating tales of Prehistory and asteroids.
We built a loom.
And had a nap on the patio.This moment made all the sweeter by the babe being softly folded in by a blanket that also tucked in her Mama when she was a babe. It must have been a favorite of mine then, as it is a favorite today.

Weaving, then. On the patio. While one babe sleeps, another studies languages... listening to a soft pitterpat of rain onto the leaves and patio roof.
It doesn't get much better than that.

We rescued a giant bumblebee lost in the window... inspired by Lisa's post today the Mama petted it gently before escorting it outside....

As I sit here now giving you our tales of the day, the rain is falling through the sunshine. One of my Very Favorite Things.

The weaving is finished
Daddy comes home

the babes brave the cool evening weather and pay homage to the very first days of Summertime by splashing in the pool
and quieter pastimes are had back at the computer - a dinosaur museum game for one, and the Language game for the other.

Napoleon Bonaparte has been discussed over Toffe Icecream bars after dinner

and we've had a bit of rumble and tumble before we head inside for the day.
We are calm
and happy
and life is so, so good.


  1. After an evening like we had here this evening, I needed to read a post like this. Calm, joyful, and uplifting. Thank you for blogging, Steph.

  2. The loom looks great- never tried that.

    That bumblebee sure is big and juicy!

  3. Very cool! Nope, i never loomed either! 14 bags eh? I was using like half that! I drink green as well, and add a few bags of herbal flavor as well. So i will have to be more generous then! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Your blog is wonderful!
    Gina xx

  5. LOVE*LOVE*LOVE the bumble! So glad she flew into a home that respects nature and doesn't freak out and kill!
    -Lisa :)

  6. Sarah - thanks, sweet Friend.

    Gina - what a nice thing to say! Thank you very much.

  7. I think I must be the very last person to make a loom with my kids... thanks for the tutorial... I'm sure K will love it. And great photo of your bumblebee. I love how hairy he is!

  8. Nice!

    Our Earth Scouts Troop is kicking off Tuesday (a few families have been on vacation). Should be a fun summer! I'd love to hear what you guys are doing. We are getting our E.S. Organic Community Garden started, and then the kids will finish up planting more seeds and making a sign for it next week. Wee!


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