Monday, May 18, 2009

may 18: it's elemental




water(the first one this year)



  1. You get the best shots. I always enjoy seeing what went on in your lives that day.

  2. Now that is a stunning post!!! Brilliant pictures, brilliant idea! Great start to our somewhat gloomy day!!! I shouldn't think gloomy, I should rejoice in another indoor day. I am seriously thinking of hanging trapeze from the ceiling!!! Actually I needn't bother mine are already flying around up there! Enjoy the sunshine...

  3. Lots of action shots today! Love the ones of T jumping. And the fire. And the feet...

  4. Great pic's.Love the ones in the pool,we can only dream!! Had a major windy, rainy night but this morning(so far) is dry,although heavy looking dark clouds are not too far away.Thanks for sharing your sunshine.I has brightened up a cold windy day in England......

  5. Nice! So how many tea bags do you put in your sun tea? Mine is always on the weakish side, and really I just need a number! I love the leaping Trev shots!

  6. K- I drink green tea, which is more delicate than black tea, but I want the caffeine. :) Gotta keep up with the babes.

    In this one I used fourteen, and if I add something else, peach or peppermint, then I'll add that on top of the fourteen.
    If it doesn't taste like it's enough (haven't had any yet, will in just a minute...) then next time I"ll add a few bags of black tea for some punch.

  7. I love love love this time of year! We are soaking up the warmth down here too. Somehow, sun tea just tastes better...

  8. Lovely. You are an artist.

  9. Another beautiful post Stephanie!
    -Lisa :)


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