Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12

I began by starting a sundial today, while the babes still slept.
I'd like to make a more permanent one, but I thought it prudent that we begin it with simple paper, to figure out what possible errors and problems could be. :)So it's begun!

Trev and I watched Bill Nye... this morning was Simple Machines.
We want to build a catapult. :) Actually, we have plans for this one.

Trevelyn painted the tyrannosaurus that he sculpted yesterday. And the giant rat-mammal thing that he intends to be prey or a carcass. :)

The babes broke their fast with cereal and Good Ol' Bill - Static Electricity, this time. They have been wondering why when they jump on the tramp they get shocked when they climb off. I didn't know why. So we checked it out.

We worked through some angst by making a river in the sandbox together... followed by play in the box for Little Son
and by freeing the lavender from some tall intrusive couch grass for his Mama.

Madeleine was doing just fine on her own.
When we were right again,
we celebrated with watermelon
and began getting ready for our tepee in earnest.
Mama looked up beans (we've never grown them) to see what sort of space we'd need.
I found this, "Astronauts are not allowed to eat beans before they go into space because passing wind in a spacesuit damages them. Not to mention the another drawback in such a confined space.... " which the babes thought was hilarious.

I showed Trev something cool that I read this morning....
I grabbed a handful of different colored pencils, and we tested our vision.
You choose a pencil (without knowing what color it is) and then while holding it out to your side, you bring it into your peripheral view, and then stop when you think you know what color it is. Usually you can guess the color a little distance after having it appear.
I was wrong about 75% of the time.
Funny that I never considered that we can't really see colors in our peripheral vision. It seems as though we do, for there is an impression. But we don't... not really. :) Cool.

We launched grapes with spoon catapults.
And tried to toss water balloons with a log and a board, but it didn't work.
So we tossed them onto the trampoline and played hot potato with them instead.
That worked out pretty well. ;)

We made gas. (With vinegar in a bottle and baking soda in the balloon.)
You know. Since we had the balloons out already...And then we did it again.And then again.
And then again.

We further checked out static electricity by using it to bend water.Now that's pretty cool.
Yes, yes, we have a house built in 1950 with original fixtures. And possibly original rust.


We headed outside with the third book in the Dinosaur Cove series.... March of the Ankylosaurus. We lazed on the tramp to read it, and unbelievably the babes consumed the other half of the watermelon while we read.
Yup. That makes the whole thing in one day.

Off for a bikeride for one and another self portrait for the other.
Trev created Bob. Out of a large blue water balloon. You know. From Monsters versus Aliens.
I have no idea what that is.

To the tepee! Cucumber seeds.
And pole beans.
Evidently I lost this one.
Trev has claimed my tepee His.I hand it over gladly and with well-wishes.
No doubt I'll be going out there and asking for a few special favors to make His extra sparkly.

Daddy's home!
Which means that Trev gets to take Annabelle for a w-a-l-k.
Happy Hubby, Happy Boy, and Happy Dog go off down the street together.
Maddie and Mama happily stay behind and eat our dinner that Daddy brought us home.
It's not cheating! Can I help it if dh is a Chef, and that we have dinner opportunities? You get your walls, computers, and plumbing fixed... I get dinner.

Upon returning they're off for another w-a-l-k (lucky Annabelle)... this time with Madeleine in the parade.

I think we're off to the library when they get back,
and that will probably be it for us today.

All is well, then.


  1. Inspirational and crazy how much fun and interesting things each day and provide pictures no less!

    Lots of lovely ideas of science projects to keep in mind and try. The balloon one with gas would be a big hit here I'm sure.

  2. Woman, you amaze me! How do you do all this each day? Do you have a maid? Okay the dinner thing must help. ;) But seriously? I think we'd both be exhausted if we accomplished half this in a day. You guys are such an inspiration!


  3. I silently read and go through your posts each day. You are an amazing momma! I love that you work so hard with and for your kids. What wonderful adults they will be!

  4. I love Mad's face in that computer picture. She is a beautiful little girl.

    You know, I hate trampolines for that very reason. Those shocks as I get off just make me crazy. I stayed on a trampoline for three hours once in the heat of the day just so that I wouldn't get shocked getting off. Even the tiniest shock sets my teeth on edge.

  5. Your astronautical information just stopped all se7en mid-pre-breakfast squabble and they are collapsed in a heap of hysteria!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!

  6. Wow! Some cool things you guys got up to. A sundial is on my mental list somewhere in my head and this has reminded me.

    Do you run a list of fun things and preplan to do or do the kids come up with ideas for them spur of the moment? I'm thinking I might need a backup list of things since the TV seems to be becoming a bit of a dominant part of the day...

  7. I like your pole bean tepee... and Trev's dinosaur is really great too.

    No clouds in our forecast today... we're headed OUT!!!

  8. What a fun day! I think it's time for us to break out the baking soda and vinegar again.

  9. Random is the most natural! lol

    Look forward to your sundial. I so like them.

  10. Thanks for the mention, Mon.
    You're right (for us)-- if we were to saturate ourselves with one particular topic just because we hadn't covered it completely, we would be doing it "to get it done", not out of any joyful discovery.
    Don't want the love taken out.

  11. Oh, I love the grapes and spoon catapults. What fun!

  12. Nikki - I don't preplan, other than to make a mental note of something that I read about that I want to try (because it sounds cool and fun).
    Maddie loves Experiments -she'll go around the house doing things, and say, "It's a Speer-a-mint", so I usually let questions or investigations be the guide for the activities.
    Once in a while I'll read about something (like the colored pencils) that is totally unrelated, but still is cool, and we'll do that, too. Or I'll do it and show the babes.

    I was thinking today that our days would (and do) probably drive most people crazy, as things might seem totally disconnected and irrelevant to any thing else, but the common denominator is us, and the paths of our days for the most part.
    Lately (the last few months) it seems that we've done a lot of two of Newton's laws of motion, and just recently delving into elements and the periodic table.

    ;) Much can be linked together through the periodic table!

    Seriously, though-- sometimes I question the apparent randomness, and then I think that it's all a part of figuring out how the world works, and that's not random at all.

  13. I'm a big fan of random, myself. Your days sound perfectly normal and lovely to me.

  14. A chef for a husband? How lucky are you, I am so jealous! Oh, I love the sundial idea. The bean teepee should be cool, we just planted our sunflower house today...right before the rains came (good planning).

  15. I've always wanted a sundial. Damek and I made one a couple years back with a paper plate and a pencil, he thought that was cool.

    I love the bean teepee idea, just not sure it would grow in our yard:( We're not having good luck with seeds this year. I tried the sunflower house 2 years ago and didn't get enough come up to make it happen. This year, our radishes & english peas are doing great, but the snap peas, beets and carrots not so much? Think we need to invest in more bird netting, but I'm starting to feel like we need to just net the whole damn garden, and it's a pain in the but to weed and harvest. Anyway I hope your bean teepee grows with wild abandon, I will look forward to seeing it:)

  16. I think I have those same spoons! I think I also have that same 50-year-old rust! :)


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