Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Loom and Weave

It could be that I am the Very Last Person on our planet who had not done this with their children.
But, just in case...

Here was Today's Project.
First Maddie and I built a loom.

We did this by taking the stuff out of a wood picture frame,

and then marking dots on the frame every half inch on each end (the shorter ends).
We used a 9x13, because that's what we had.
We tapped our nails into our frame.
I wound yarn around a bit of cardboard that I cut from the backing of the frame.
Then I tied on the base strands.
After tying our weaving yarn off at the base,
we began our weaving.
This thick and luscious yarn was a great choice, as it didn't take forever to fill up a satisfactory size of cloth.

I tied off the ends of the yarn onto the frame strands,
and then took the first couple of strands off of the nails, and tied them.
I tied every two thereafter.

Very soon, it was done.
Interconnected and all.


  1. Oh, I have to share our own recent weaving project with you!

    Yours turned out really lovely. I'd like to try that with my girls.

    And I love your skirt.

  2. Turned out so well, and the process of making the loom and putting it all tgether is quite easy too!

  3. We still haven't done this. It is now bookmarked in my HUGE file of must do things.:)

  4. this is so cool! i'll have to put this on my 'to do list!'

  5. Beautiful yarn, beautiful weaving.
    -Lisa :)

  6. Fun! You were smart to use such fat yarn. We used a mid-ish type of fuzzy yarn and my boys lasted like 11 minutes and were d.o.n.e. ;) Those turned out nice!

  7. No, you are not the last person on earth not to do this with your kids, because I haven't either and I have 5! I am looking forward to trying it, however. Thanks for this post!

  8. I'm quite sure you're the Very First Person who's made a loom with their kids -- that I know, anyway. SO cool!

    And I LOVE your new medicinal herb garden!!

  9. I had forgotten we used to do this as kids! I NEED to do this soon... great christmas presents for the grammies ;)

  10. Aww what!! I've never even seen this before, much less got to do it as a kid. Do you think it's too late for me? This looks like so much fun! I'll be linking.


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