Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Day Number May 27

It's been one of those days.
You know... Happy.
'Could be because of something like The House is Clean or that we have Big Big Plans for tonight. (Thanks again for the reminder, hrMama!)

Furry magnets.
Don't you just love metal fur?
Play play.

Trev spotted a hummingbird in the backyard (he thinks).... and since none of their favorite plants are flowering yet, we made nectar for them (four parts water to one part sugar, boiled for two minutes) and hung up the feeder.

Mad Scientists, we are.
(corn starch, food coloring, oil, water, corn syrup, honey, salt, sugar, club soda, goggles, funnel, pipettes, mini pie pans, and test tubes)
Glug glug.

We've upped the ante on the balancing game.
Play something for me, Sam.
Tidying up...Trevelyn has a serious love for the feather duster....

and the pond gets used for Yet Another thing (it's just as well, as Mama hasn't sat in Her Spot for a tranquil meditation yet this season....).

Whites on the line.sigh.

Clean, clean clean. Yes, I know I said the house is clean, but that was hours and hours ago, and one must still Flit and Flurry about to make sure we wake up to Sparkly tomorrow.
(Consider about whom we're speaking....)

And, of course, one must gather flowers....

Now, we're all about the popcorn, the red vines, the milk duds....
and one of our All Time Favorites....
the Drive-In!
"Boom!...Boom!.... Fire Powah!...."

We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. A house full of roses is a house full of love!

  2. What a day! AND your house is sparkly CLEAN!

  3. It's hurting my eyes... your house is SO clean!!

    Fresh flowers just really make it wonderful.

  4. Your bright writing style and zest for life remind me of Regina Spektor, Russian singer/songwriter!
    This is all so great, lovely ways to spend your days! I think our families would get along just great : )
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!

  5. The mad scientist pics cracked me up!!!So adorable!

  6. A drive in! What FUN! NOT something you will find in Alaska!!!
    The magnet fur makes for quite the cool photos!


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