Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Shout Out: Inspired

My goodness.

Yesterday I was so uninspired (and un-inspiring!). We spent the day outside, and the end of the day actually ended up pretty well-ly... with butterflies and moss and all.

But though we spent our day outside -and it was very nice, don't get me wrong- I felt depleted. Out of ideas.

Then there is this morning.

I visit of a few of my blogging friends Tara, Julie, Sheri, my sister Kim, Wendy, and all of a sudden, I'm juiced and ready to take on the world again.

I'm excited to make salsa, I'm thrilled to add Helen Keller to our timeline (and to choose some books about her at the library today), I'm eager to pick up George's Secret Key to the Universe (and a couple more books on Albert Einstein, who is already sitting pretty on our timeline), I'm considering a Spelling Bee with my babes-- I can just hear Maddie.... "Dog. M-U-K-D-T. Dog." And Trevelyn cussing at her. :) I'm thinking constellations and a walk... wondering if we'll get to use our umbrellas today. I'm looking out the livingroom window and considering Sheri's 100 Species challenge, and wondering if we have 100 species of plants in our yard.

And that's all it took.
My mind is filled with ideas and happy thoughts.... I am so, so grateful to everyone who shares their days, ideas, and experiences in the name of "Blog". (Though it should be a prettier word for such a Fine idea.)

I feel so lucky to be living this life (homeschooling and unschooling), with these children, in this day, with these wonderful people and ideas all around me.

Thanks so, so much, everyone!
You have my gratitude and love.


  1. The best thing about uninspiring days is that they are usually followed by inspiration!!

  2. I'm not very reliable when it comes to good ideas, I, too, often get them from others. Namely.....YOU!!!

  3. That is exactly why I come to your blog! You are so inspiring and have a different life from us that I love your ideas so much. I am too so grateful for this technology that helps us gain new friends.

  4. Yay for inspiration!

    Constellations have been a big hit around here since last summer. I'm sure you can come up with your own resources, but I should pull together our favorites for you.

    Hannah's been wanting to throw a 'constellation party'. Any great ideas?

  5. Friends and family will often ask me where I find such good ideas and activities for homeschooling and I tell them from my blogging circle!!

    It really is a lovely network of support, encouragement and fresh ideas....I'm grateful for it every day :)

  6. Glad you are re-inspired! I so agree, the world of blogging has opened my mind to so many new things, I would definitely be a different mama without it.

  7. I totally agree with you. I can feel so uninspired and then check out a few of my favorite blogs and I'm full of new ideas and inspiration.

  8. yes, that's what you do for us too!! much gratitude to you!


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