Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Magic! (#2)

Here's a fine demo on how fire needs and seeks oxygen. Or a magic trick, ;), if you prefer.

You'll need two matches (or one match and a lighter), a wine glass or small glass, a bit of colored water, a heavy coin, and a shallow dish.Bend your match a bit near the end.

Place a coin over the bent end to stand it upright.

Pour your colored water into you dish.

Ignite your match with another, or a lighter

place your wine glass over the match.

The match - even after it's burned- draws in the water, providing suction.Cool.

This idea came from here.


  1. We're getting snowed in today. DH (The Science Guy) is home with us and taking a bit of a break from Master's work. I think I'll suggest this experiment for the boys (who are currently making bread :-).


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