Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Earth Day!

But you know that.

Whatcha gonna do?

Dig in the dirt?

Plant something fine?

Hang the pictures of the earth on all the light switches?

Walk to a friend's home?

Give all the world your Love!


  1. We're going to do our Spring garden clean up and transplant many of our flowers into a communal bed for all our condo-complex neighbors to enjoy long after we're gone. :-) Happy Day to you.

  2. Yesterday afternoon, we did an Earth Day photo shoot with the older kids (the results are on my blog today), and this afternoon, it's just the little one, so we might paint some rocks for the garden and head down to a local Earth Day celebration for a few minutes.

  3. Yeah for Mother Earth. I hope she feels our collective love for her. We will do a yard and river clean up, and we are doing a dark hour tonight, and we are off to see that movie EARTH with all of our homeschooling homies!

  4. Stephanie, I would LOVE to dig in the earth! I'm itchin' to start a garden. We might be moving, but maybe we'll plant something anyway. I'd like to go commune with the river with my daughter. It's already getting into the 90s here in California! Hot, but beautiful.

    Happy Earth Day, every day!

  5. pick up the girl after school and do some leaf rubbing and make a candle jar for our earth day craft. maybe go to the park and do earth hour tonight. oh, and i must bring out the lorax!

  6. We visited our sweet Nana and played in her big back yard and checked on all her flowering trees about to take bloom.


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