Thursday, April 09, 2009

Go Fish!

Here's our art project for the last couple of days.

Mama's "Waterfall"

Lots of fun.

First of all the children painted waterfalls on large papers (17x20"). Mama used regular 8.5x11 for the demo.

Madd and Trevy used a wet rag with first blue and then green liquid water color for their falling water.
I used a wet cotton ball with the same paints.

Then it's finger painting time! We carefully used white acrylic, as we don't have any white poster or tempera paints for the splashing and rolling bottom of the waterfall.

Then the next super fun part - splashing on the paint! This technique went over well - they've never flung paint before.

When that was dry, we painted on blue sparkly paint-- because we had it, and thought the effect would be pretty.
Ooooh - spinning.
We always love this part.

Trace around the bottom of your spinning basket (the paper needs to be a bit larger than your basket, so that it sits snug).

Plop on some tempera paint.
Tip: Don't do puddles, it's a waste of paint. Squigglies and stripes are better.
Is it Just Right? No?
Add more.

We let them dry.
They curled.
We worked around it.

I opted to draw and cut out a few different shapes of fish for the children to choose from, and then they decided which fish shape they would choose with which spun paint pattern.
We traced the pattern onto the back, and cut them out.
Madd opted for sparkly strips of foil for decorative scales.
Trev chose No Fancies, Thank You Ma'am.

Polka dots would be nice (couldn't find the dang hole punch), as would pretty sequins.

Trev chose eyes.
I guess he's over the creepiness of googly eyes.




Go, Fish, GO!


  1. Ooh, pretty!

    I'm keeping a little list of projects for rainy days this summer... and this would be great in the days following one of our short hikes in to our favorite waterfall. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Oooh! I love these projects! I look forward to trying them with my kids - thanks for sharing!

  3. Brilliant. I'm especially fond of the flinging paint part.... it really is necessary to get the effect of motion and spraying water and it is SO much fun :)

  4. Great use of a salad spinner!!!

  5. Gorgeous work! I love it!

  6. Wonderful waterfall paintings! The little fish remind me of the book Swimmy

  7. happybirdycake4/13/2009 11:25 AM

    ahhhh...these are beautiful!!! well worth the wait!!! I am sooo inspired! I loved that you painted these outdoors. When the weather shifts here... we will venture outside to do this!!! stunning!! :)

  8. Oh my! Now I really want a salad spinner!


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