Friday, April 24, 2009


I think I was 23 before I came into the knowledge that glass was made from sand.
"What!?!" That idea was pretty much inconceivable to me.

The discovery probably came from wondering why you could recycle a porch full of cans, but beer bottles were hard to recycle - and you got like $2 per ton or some such thing. Lol. Such is the life of being twenty-something and living in a somewhat big house with a few friends.

Anyway... that isn't what I was going to tell you. :)

Today we made glass.
Edible glass.

It took a long time.
Pretty much a really long time.
a couple hours
or so.
But eventually
It was done,
and we had delicious glass.
Just get a cup of sugar (250 ml) and make sure you cook it on low in a stainless steel pan.
Stir it with a wooden spoon every now and again.
Pour it into a buttered pan straight out of the fridge.

That worked for us.

This idea came from the book Barron's Science Wizardry for Kids.


  1. Looks yummy-I don't think I'd have the patience for it though. :)

  2. Hmmm...that sounds like a cool idea. Did you really just leave it on the stove for hours just stirring occasionally?

  3. Yup.
    At first I didn't, as I thought it would scorch. But it didn't, because it was on so low.
    It finally really started melting (after it had crumbled as was dark brown) when I just left it, and didn't stir it.
    Was interesting.
    Make sure you use stainless steel, though.

  4. looks like alot of fun! have you made homemade lollipops/ losenges? ... i haev a good recipe. we are entranced by sugar art (ala cake challenge on foodtv)

  5. We have, Birdy!
    While we enjoy that, too, this one was cool because we cold liken it to glass and sand.

  6. Mmm worth the wait I'm sure.
    Sand=glass...yes amazing !


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