Friday, April 10, 2009

evening magic

Last night, right after I finished my post about our lovely day, Maddie came in and said something very like "Mom! I have so excited to tell you!"
When I asked her what that was, she led me outside, with her explanation that she had held a baby bird... passing through the doorway, I heard a loud, strange humming noise, but didn't stop to think about it... "....I just picked it up and held it, then it flew out of my hands and over into (the neighbor's) yard!"
Wow, Madd. How amazing for you.
By this time the pluot tree (and its ruckus) had caught my notice again, and I walked under it to further investigate. It was humming and buzzing and vibrating... with bees.
I looked up. Wow.
How amazing. The children and I stood under that tree, on our patio, and watched them flit and hum and do their work. Dozens of them. Happy as can be in that beautiful, blossoming tree. Gathering and spreading.
Today we'll be checking into (again) the life and work of bees, you can be sure. The questions have already been asked.
I began to again notice the weather and the world around me. While it had been so dark and rainy in the morning, and I had imagined cold... I noticed on our walk it was damp, but really quite warm - somewhere around fifty+ degrees. Now the sun was peeking out from clouds, and it was so beautiful and promising again.
We drifted into the front yard, soaking in the Glory of the last part of this amazing day.
"Swing me, Mama!"How could I not?


  1. Bees! I love bees, um, but only honey bee's and bumbles, I am actually quite scared of hornets, especially yellow jackets. EEEK! Anyway, have loads of fun with the honey bee's. They are a rather fascinating group!

  2. Owen is really rather frightened of bees and my mission this summer is to expose him to their wonderfulness......:0)

  3. Oh wow.

    Is the bee population under threat over there? Here there's a big drive to get people to plant bee friendly plants and scientists are talking about breeding a disease resistant strain - which I actually find a bit scary... but its really rather concerning over here in the UK; there's talk of bees been gone within only a few short years if something isn't done.


  4. That's fantastic! What a feeling.

    Last year was our first year here with negligible bees around our apple trees. We had so few apples that it was disturbingly clear that the pollination was absolutely necessary. We may be chemical free here but the farm that surrounds us is most definitely not and it's affecting us.

  5. Evening magic at it's best. How lovely.

  6. I just need you to know that 50 is nowhere near warm. Not even close. :)

    Have fun on your bee exploration!

  7. Baby bee birdies. How magic and scary at the same time. Aren't children amazing in their abilities to allow other creatures to just exist peacefully beside us?

  8. Brianna -
    Hmmph! Well I did say 50+!! :)

    (Really, after a low of 14 a few days ago, 53 feels balmy.)

  9. Your posts and photos inspire me to pay attention to those little things in life. I thank you :)

  10. How much fun! Birds, bees and swinging must have been the most perfect day. :)


  11. Hey there! Sooo cool... your blog and all those bees. I have something for you and your wee ones... pics and an explanation of honeybee hive relocation we did. It's on my blog at We have 2, and soon to be 3 hives now. I need to post some good kid's books on bees that we have, too. Maybe next week.... Have a great weekend! Nice to "meet" you.

  12. All very wonderful! What memorable experiences. I especially love the swing picture.

  13. Can't get enough or your fabulous blog these days, I reread posts again and again, beautiful life


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