Thursday, April 02, 2009

April Two

Ah, we've been to the Moon and back.

After working on the Timeline, a bicycle ride, and Thomas videos, we headed out for a day of adventure. Citified adventure.... but still Adventure.

To the Planetarium! To see Under the Sea 3D.We liked it pretty well-ly.
Wandering around the exhibits we got to walk on Mars!
And the Moon!
We got to see an Apollo mission space suit.Trev kept telling him (the suit) his jokes.
We made the news. Weather, actually.
And we stopped for a bit to check out a giant Earth with real-time Weather pictures on it.Cool.

To across-the-street, then... to the children's museum for a couple hours of play.
And just a bit more Art.
One more to go!
Off to the Natural History museum (that blessed Aviary pass gets us in free, today) to see the Toadally Frogs exhibit. And probably a dino bone or two.

We got to see a Paleontologist uncovering the Diabloceratops skull.I don't know why, but Paleontologists just make my heart go pitter-pat. Really. I feel all gush-y and blush-y around them. [shrug] I don't know.

We saw giant wolf spiders, scorpions, tarantulas, and beetles.
We watched a short film on conservation, and heard various frog song's.
We visited favorites on the way out and waved good-bye, promising to be back soon. You know we will.

To dinner (Mama and Daddy thought it a prudent choice after a serious day of Play)....
and then to home, to home...

To settle in-- and we are indeed settling quickly and heavily.

That's it, then.
Prob'ly we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. What a fun day! I love living in VT but I miss having easy access to museums. We have to go up to Montreal or to Boston to do that. Oh well. Maybe I should plan a little trip!

  2. The giant earth is way cool and Owen would adore the frogs!!

  3. Wow, the natural history museum where my sister works just got one of those Earth spheres! Seriously, the coolest thing and amazing how it works. You are very lucky to have one close to you, there are very few out there so far. Those little frogs are so beautiful, their colors amaze me!

  4. What a fantastic, action-packed day! I am jealous of all your museums and such. I think I seriously need to plan a trip up to Miami or Ft Lauderdale to fill up my museum tank.

  5. What fantastic museums to visit. My littlies would so love to have an explore around space... and the insect life and frogs..

  6. We just enjoyed a day at the Imaginarium science museum-we go in the spring for their chick exibit. Looks like you all had a busy time as well!


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