Friday, April 03, 2009

April Three

While yesterday was a fabulous day because it fairly burst with so many of our Very Favorite Things, today has been glorious in its quiet and softness.

There have been long hours of reading

the building of dragons

quiet and gentle pbs shows on the tellie

imagination time with Daddy while Mama and Maddie went shopping

interesting questions and propositions

a pink-and-white polka dotted raincoat

and lying on the couch with toes in the air, string inter-twined with toes, causing a bright balloon to gently sway back and forth while story-telling.

That's about all.


  1. Absolutely perfect. I love days languid like this!

  2. I adore days like that. :)

  3. We had a quiet day too... Momma had a migraine so my boy built with trains and listened to Prairie Home Companion.

  4. I just learned a little tip about those darned moonflower seeds (and any seeds with a hard coating)...the best way to score them is to put them in a jar with rocks and shake the heck out of them, then soak them in water for at least 24 hours. This should get them to germinate. I figured you'd appreciate knowing this. We tried this today, we'll see......

  5. what a wonderful day. sounds perfect to me. We're going to have imagination time later


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