Wednesday, April 08, 2009

April 8


Waterfalls, first

and then
eventuallyfish (began, at least) to put upon them.

Game after game of Capture the Flag.The supercute made-up version, which includes funny hiding places and adaptations.

Prehistory in the sandbox. As usual.

Magic School Bus Dinosaur game

To the library!

And then out bike riding...

until the rains came.

Closed the windows (it's gotten cold out there) and snuggled in with George's Secret Key to the Universe.

Looked through library books, and read about Helen Keller in Ladies First - 40 Daring Women Who Were Second to None.

Really Wild Animals: Secret Weapons

Mmmm, guitar sounds are strumming in the next room, how lovely....

I'm not sure what else the day holds.
Maybe books.
Maybe library videos.
Maybe Bill Nye, or maybe a hulu or Nova.

Whatever works...
'Night, then.


  1. Gorgeous waterfalls and I just love the pile of giggling children!

  2. Those giggling kids are so darling!

  3. My goodness, what fun creative days you have! Love the waterfalls and spin art!

  4. Those waterfalls certainly do look good. A game of 'Capture the flag' sounds like excellent fun too.

  5. How are you liking George's Secret Key to the Universe??? My library hasn't got it yet.... ;(

    Ooh I'm thinkin' a salad spinner is in our future!!

  6. Tara - I'll know today if we'll keep reading it. We read the first four chapters, and if we can get through chapter five today enthusiastically, I think we'll be alright.
    We'll see.

  7. I am loving the waterfall paintings!!! What inspired you to try that and what materials did you use? was it just paint?
    they look so "monet" like! (wish you had more pictures)! Have you read the Lawrence Alhot art book series? we just read Van Gogh and the sunflowers and painted our own! :)
    Beautiful Art!!!!!

  8. Birdy- It's coming!
    We'll finish them up today and show you the final result, and maybe a tutorial, too. They were lots of fun.


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