Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 29

our day started with the company of a friend for a little while.that's always nice.

we began our soil investigation experiment.

and read Ms. Frizzle's Adventures Ancient Egypt.
which was totally cool
because we got to talk more about air current
and soil conditions
and that the pyramids were made out of Mudstone (related to yesterday's carbonate discussion)
and how energy is made from power derived from damming water just as it is from windmills
and how the pyramid stones were drug on ramps (the Egyptians didn't have the wheel yet)...
...which led to something I had planned to share with them today about physics...

Trev tried to life a large stone up onto the chair...
but of course it's way too heavy.
we made a ramp with a board.success!
takes a bit more time, but definitely easier than lifting!

cool how the Egyptians took out the earth ramps after the pyramids were finished.
just there for a tool.

Maddie practiced using a lever to move the big stone.she decided she's really good at it.



and then off for an adventure with the utah urban homesteaders to our local historic farm

home again home again
jiggety jig

where we checked to see what beauties there were to be found at the bottom of our jar.
one little tiny millipede-looking thing.
i think tomorrow we'll dig in the compost and see what we come up with!

Maddie's asleep, Daddy's home, Trev's on the computer, and i'm ready for my book. :)
we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. I think I like Ms. Frizzle ;-) And what a cool farm...practically next door to me, even. Glad you had a great day!

  2. That's a mighty fine physics demonstration... friction, inclined planes, gravity.... all the necessaries!

    The homestead trip looks great.
    I'm in love with the pretty brown cow....

  3. The farm visit looks like a lot of fun. I think it is time for us to venture off to the farm for awhile.

  4. "she decided she's really good at it"

    lol - so, so cute.

    It looks like a fantastic day.

  5. Oh, what a cool field trip! All of the historic farm kinds of places around here don't open until school is out, and/or don't let kids touch stuff much at all. I keep hoping to just find a more back to basics farmer to let us come visit and give us a tour. :) Cool pix.

  6. I love these pictures.
    What a fun day!

  7. The ramp is great. I love that sort of natural involved learning type experiment.


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