Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27: Nothin'


*total hesitation*

To blog, or not to blog?
I got nothin', friends.

Was two hours away from having my whole house sparkly this morning.
And found myself wiped out of energy.

Trev sat around looking forward to someone being done with school for the day.

I sat down to lunch with my book (always sit down to eat with My Book - whatever My Book may be in that moment).
And then settled in the couch a bit deeper.

Perhaps for A Bit Too Long, for I got sleepy.

Warned the children.... walked to the den where they were playing, "Uh, looks like I might have a nap. So I'm signing off. See you later."
"Okay, Mom. Have a nice nap."
That was easy.
Hmm. It's never been this easy before....
Still, I was confident.

Read, drift, loll...
I was pretty happily ensconced in that lovely "in between" place, when I thought I heard this little breathy noise.
Since I had a pillow over my head to protect my senses from the bright (and thoroughly decent) daylight, I dared to open one lid a millimeter or two.
What do I see, but an eyeball looking directly into mine, from the bottom of the pillow, about two inches from from my nose.
"Hi, Mom." says the one with the blue eyes.
"[Grunt] Sleepin'."
"Yeah... Can we go to the doughnut shoppe tomorrow?"
I think I laughed.
"Maybe. We'll see, Maddie."
"Thanks, Mom."

That was about it for the nap.
But, as fate would (so cruelly) have it... I still wasn't granted that "get it all done in two hours and feel so happy about this fabulously clean house you've gotten yourself" energy boost.

So the day drifted along pretty much dedicated to the same course.

Blondie came over.

I managed to make up a game or two for the babes to play on the tramp with her. Involved drawing on the tramp with sidewalk chalk.
And I got out the marshmallow guns.

Lots of computer play in between all of that... somewhere.

Oh, look.... Daddy's home!

Soon enough Blondie is called to dinner, and I realize it's my turn to figure out the same.

We decide what it's gonna be,
and that the day's highlight will be Popcorn-and-a-Movie.
Daddy is sent to the store-- with the babes enthusiastically (so enthusiastically!) tagging along to make sure he doesn't forget the popcorn, red vines, and milk duds.

And Mama is left in Peace and Quiet to right the day's post.
And she's got nothin'......


  1. Sounds perfect. :) Do you find like me that napping more like laying there hoping to fall asleep. I could if I wanted to take a nap now that kiddos are older..but can just never fall into a deep nap slumber.

    Lovely day

  2. Anji,
    Naps are tough. :)
    Even if I fall asleep, I never think I did, and I never feel alive and spunky afterwards!
    Don't know why the idea is sometimes so alluring....

  3. Sounds like the perfect day to me (especially the red vines part ;-). To read a book for pleasure. Now that's something!

  4. :) this one made me smile!

  5. I can't nap ever always "busy". Ha! I had to take meds for the back for a while this month, and they made me SO TIRED. I wanted so desperately to sleep, my eyes would close in the middle of reading a book. Whew. I felt useless, but couldn't go to sleep, so would just stand up and make myself stay awake! Deep breathing... ;)

  6. Looks about normal to me! LOL. But I know what you mean about naps not quite being worth it sometimes. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll still get the house clean. ;)

  7. I do love a nap now and then but it is tough... I've a got a kiddo that feels awfully anxious if he's "alone" while I'm snoozing.

    I've planned a cleaning day here.... I say planned, haven't started one blessed thing yet LOL!

  8. I can't nap. Just can't do it. I have tried and tried but I cannot fall asleep. Best I can do is get to that in-between place for awhile and then I get up feeling even more tired.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day! I need one of those one of these days! ;-)

  10. Thank you for writing this one. So many times I'm ashamed to put "nothing" down. But see! It still touches someone!

  11. Valerie -
    I figure if I report it when we're busy, I have to report it when I'm totally lazy and we don't do a damn thing, too. :)
    True confessions, and all that.

    So -
    you're certainly welcome.


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