Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24

I've been considering for a few days that it may be time to build another biome - terrarium style.

So early this morning, before Daddy went to work, we (the children and I) headed out to a park we love that has several acres of wetlands and is a lovely natural habitat for our area.

Mama was thinking "caterpillars".
I was hoping to find some on some young milkweed plants, we discovered milkweed here with our friends last year.
I wanted to bring some home for a study.
It wasn't to be.But we did spy lots of butterflies, and had a lovely morning exploring our world.

Back at home...

there was trampoline play with Daddy

and Maddie picked flowers for her Mama.Always a favorite.
Even when she's encouraged by a beaming smile and swipes more from her Mama's garden.

Morph play.Dinosaur pc games.

Bike riding

and Experimenting with Sound.
Sound waves are cool.
And we made glass out of sugar.

We also tested out the idea that if you look through a heavy piece of paper with a pinhole in it, things appear larger. This theory conforms to the suggestion that the pinhole cuts down the amount of light that enters your eye, therefore the concentrated light waves make things (ants and such) look clearer and bigger than they really are.
When we have clear skies again, we'll definitely try this theory out using long tubes while viewing stars!

Lots of computer play for Maddie with Sid the Science Kid.

Sandbox play.
Of course. :)

Johnny Appleseed ("Outstanding!" said Trev.)while making (painting) Pick-Up Sticks
and cooking dinner.

Now one is in the bathtub,
and the other and his Mama are about to lie about and read the second Dinosaur Cove book.

And then we'll get some Peanut Butter Cookies in the oven.
Mmmmm. A delicious ending.

We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Were you a science teacher before becoming your kiddo's science unschooling facilitator? Really awesome stuff!

  2. lol

    I'm learning with them!!

  3. Sid the Science kid is great, and so are pb cookies mmm love all the science going on!!

  4. how do you do it all? :)

  5. Painting pick up sticks - love it!

    Ending a full day with peanut butter cookies is a yummy/good idea :0)

  6. Another day full of exploring.
    We've read the first two or three Dinosaur Cove books as well. Now we are going through the Dinotopis chapter books (currently reading "The Maze").


  7. looks like y'all have a great timr! I can't wait to come back to read more about your adventures!

  8. My ears piqued when I read dinosaurs. I have one that loves dinosaurs. I'll have to check out those books.

  9. Just popping into your comment section here to say how much I've been loving following your days full of fun and learning and leisure and time. Soooo many good ideas!

  10. I loved Johnnie Appleseed as a kid {well actually, I still do}.

    Such interesting goings on!

  11. mmmmm, peanut butter cookies! Maddie reminds me of Araina, she picks flowers for me all the time(Fauna doesn't though, she just isn't a flower picker, she feels sorry for the flowers after they are picked).

  12. Lots of lovely explorings! That pin hole idea looks interesting. I'll suggest that here.
    Happy days!

  13. Busy bees!
    That sugar into glass thing is a perfect thing to do with LO as a continuation of our volcano study. She is SO interested in how lava becomes rock/sand into glass. Thanks for posting this!

  14. I think my little ones would love the idea of painting pickup sticks! Thanks for the idea!

    I love how your days just flow... no caterpillars to be found, but still just a lovely, creative day. Thanks for always being so inspiring :)


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