Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23

Let's see.

Aside from the usual rise-and-shine activities (prehistory documentary of some sort, prehistory re-enactments in the sandbox, something Thomas or Dora on the pc or tellie, constructing locks or gates and "fix me twelve things to eat") there was a bit of investigating going on.
And there was reading with Daddy

and several Gold Finches!

and play-dough
and Art - which originally came from Deep Space Sparkle.
A fun project.

Love (and water) for the seedlings in the little greenhouse

work in the garden

which includes helping Daddy to offer the new seeds compost
There was tramp play with Daddy

offering and receiving Love




and the Go Under.

One of us practiced balancing skills
another had a quiet Sit
and the other had a little smackerel of something
Time to go!
We had to skedaddle over to our friends' home to finish yesterday's Earth Day project... stepping stones for the garden!(Since this has been a sort of "learn as you go" project-- I'll put in a how-to once I know for sure we've gotten it right. :)

Now we've returned overdues to the library, have eaten, and are enjoying the last bit of the day's evening light.
We're happy and settling in well-ly.

Prob'ly we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Your raspberries are huge already! OUrs are just starting to get some green and our new shoots are only an inch or two long. How big is your 'patch'?

    Those stones are awesome. We haven't made any in a few summers, we want to make a few more this year.

  2. My new shoots are about five inches high, I spose.

    The patch is... maybe three feet thick, and five? feet wide.
    It grows every year, of course.
    We started three or four years ago with four canes. :)

    Love it.
    Can't wait til I can say the same for the blackberries!!!

  3. The stepping stones looks good - love the dinosaur one! Wondered what it was you were doing. :-)

  4. The stepping stones are brilliant!

    The spring rush is one with everything bursting out- bright green and blossoming..... love it!

  5. Love the stepping stones! Gosh you are like 7 weeks ahead of us in weather you lucky things! BUT it was 57 yesterday and it's supposed to be 84 here tomorrow! The first day of shorts, WHOOP!

  6. what a full and wonderful day!

  7. Those stepping stones look great and a satisifying project, Stephanie. Do let us know how they work out.


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