Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 20

All day I kept thinking... Summer Vacation.
This day is like Summer Vacation!
It was so perfect and easy and free.

Mama got two-and-a-half hours by herself (two-and-a-half hours!!) when in the morning Daddy took the babes on a rather long -but fun- errand. A rare treat, that - time alone at home. Warp speed cleaning. Five rooms, thankyouverymuch.

There were fish feedings

water blasters
and swimsuits

loud music (Mama's usual Outlaws)
- Bob Marley
- Bob Dylan
- Jimmy Buffet
- Willie Nelson

cherry blossoms
pear blossoms
plum blossoms

tidying in the yard

cutting flowers

a sundress

a cold glass of beer
or three

warm catnaps in the sun
a lunch shared by Daddy and baby on the patio

a watering can

a friend
a candy necklace

bike riding


the hose

a walk to the store

a clean patio

Daddy does a plug for the Push Mower.... You can't do this with a power motor, says he -- with a cold PBR in his hand

and a fire celebration.

It was seventy plus degrees...
we were warm
and free.

A beautiful day!


  1. Fantabuloso!... my new word.

    We had Daddy home for the day yesterday and hung out at the pond, ate lunch outside at our new
    makeshift table and basked in the sun.

    Ain't spring just fantabuloso???

  2. We had a few of those days last week and over the weekend. I realized that the boys are at the age where once it is warm and summer we won't be coming inside ... until fall. Ha. Using these cold days to get ready! :)

    Pix are awesome.

  3. Ahh.. sigh.. such a lovely day. I want one like that! :)

  4. Great day! Now I want a candy necklace.

  5. Perfect! Bo also loves the push mower. :-)

  6. I have an award for you--you super blogger you! :)


  7. Just perfect. What could be better than easy going warm days. Boy, do we love them too. So good to chill out all day in the sun. And Bob Marley ...happy days!

  8. funny what we can do with just 2 hours alone without our little precious wonderful helpers :0) that first picture! I would gladly fold laundry there!!


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