Friday, April 17, 2009

April 16

Fun fun fun.

Well-- it hasn't all been wild madness today, but we've definitely gotten a bit jiggy.

A current Great Love of my children is "The Penguins of Madagascar". They're crazy about them. I haven't watched it, but Eric (Daddy) says it's a great show, and that's good enough for me.
So we've had much play with them today (dancin' and hootin').

We've caught up with friendssung with Dora

and flipped through magazines borrowed from the library.

We put (while I was thinking about it) Plato, Jesus, and Siddartha Guatama (Guatama Buddha) up on the timeline.
So's Socrates won't be so lonely.

We've cackled wildly (carried over from last night) and danced and snorted to the tune of "Bedtime Stories".

Experiment in Motion.[grin.]

And then...

The Talent Show.
I love this idea (thankyouverymuch), and it's been a long time since we've had one.

Mama was perusing books for Fascinating Scientific Demonstrations for the show instead of cleaning, today. (Did you hear that, Julie? I didn't clean like I was 'posed to. Again.)
Since my rendition of Delta Dawn was such a surprise to my babes the last time, I wanted to give them something that didn't leave them in a horrified stupor.

Let's see... we'll need a spotlight.
And a curtain....
Props!!Puppets, a whip (??? - gotta keep the options open), a wig, keyboard, silk scarves, reindeer antlers, hats, belts, a space gun, every musical instrument we own.....

On With The Show!

Mama was the Opening Act. It's always tough going first.
This audience was the exception. They were totally welcoming and enthusiastic-- as you can surely see.I thrilled them with my static demonstration.

Trevelyn was up second.
It was a bit stilted, at first.He chose to surprise and amaze us with a story format of Prehistory.

Madd was last.
"Thank you!! Thank you very much!" says she, by way of Introduction.
She stole Mama's material! But impressed us, just the same.
(During her demonstration, the bits of paper didn't leap onto the balloon, so much as bounce back and forth -very fast!- between the table and balloon. It was cool!)

Mama pulls out the second one...A success!

Trev continued on with chapter two...
And then For Her Next Trick...
Madd came out and proceeded to turn her Mama into a deer!And then gave us a short puppet show!
Mama's turn again.
"Are you going to do another experiment??" Asked Little Son (with eager anticipation in his eyes. I vow it.)
"No, I'm going to sing you a song!" I played "Doh Re Mi" on the keyboard. And sang.

And Maddie then took a turn with "Turn you into a chicken, Trev!"
and Mama into horse.
Which may have creeped Trev out a bit (my uncanny performance), because he soon said "Alright, Maddie, I've had enough of this madness...."

He took us into chapter three, and at the Grand Finale of Chapter Three-- which consisted of an asteroid hitting the table Earth, and shaking all the dinosaurs into oblivion, he looked upon us with much pride, and declared, "Shaking the table was the best part!"

Bob Dylan.Blowin' in the Wind.
I tried faking it on the guitar, but I made a mess of it, so I brought in the laptop, and Bob sang with me.
Trev couldn't stand that I wasn't harmonizing with the harmonica, so he took it up and accompanied me.
Then he performed solo on Harmonica.

And Madd on the Kazoo.And the bongos (she took a lot of double-turns).
And I then pounded out a rhythm of The Lone Ranger

Trev got jiggy... extra jiggy...
and Maddy finished off with the Spirit Flute.Wow.
Aren't you wowed? ; )

We've done ourselves proud, and worn ourselves - or maybe each other - out.

And I think this post goes into the books for most pics, length, and links.

Gooooodnight, Sirrah.


  1. I am most certainly wowed. Bravo!!

  2. Ye-ep!
    [and she sniffs and hitches up her pants like Barney Fife]

  3. WoW! A talent show, experiments and hooting. And Dinos getting all into oblivion... WOW!

  4. I love your set up, nice presentations!

    Looks like a very fun day, much better than cleaning for sure;)

  5. I am wow-ed too! what fun! We used to that as children... family shows! ...lately its been american idol here... or dancing at balls... but love the idea of full on performances!!...definetly "magic" times.

  6. Left a little blurb about your blog on my blog. :-)

  7. Way to go on your successful talent show! You are an amazing woman! Your interaction with your kids truly amazes me. You are a great example!

  8. Wull I don't know about that!
    But I thank you just the same.

  9. I give you all a 10! Fantastic! And great idea that we may very well have to copy...

  10. Oh that looks like a lot of fun... all those pics and not a watermark in sight (hehe!!!)...

  11. Goodness, what a day. Yay for all of you. Such fun and togetherness.

  12. WOWWED! I'd say so! Such fun filled days your children live! I love the talent show!


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