Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15

We began our day with books.
Always a nice way to start a cold and rainy day.
and then we all worked together to tidy up the den (and find and organize lost library dvd's, videos, and their cases).

Trev placed a few treasures into his Neat Stuff Box

and then wanted to play Checkers.
So of course we did.
While Maddie played with puzzles next to us on the floor.

Madd dashed off for a movie, and Trev and his Mama enjoyed the next four chapters of George's Secret Key to the Universe. (We're liking it very well.)

We watched the rain fall.
And then the snow.

Magic School Bus Dinosaurs (the game) was the next play of the day
while Mama did some more cleaning.

And there was Spore
and Scooby Doo

Digging for Dinosaurs (a film)

and a visit from Grammy.

We made two different kinds of soup
(it was really snowy)

got the State tax forms sent off in the post

made Rice Crispy Treats
and made sculptures out of them...
a Mononykus (whose second leg shall be attached when he firms up enough to stand),
a Castle - which later evolved into a snake,
and a Snail.

National Geographic videos

and more dinosaur talk. Always the dinosaur talk. :)

There's been singing

and speculating

and skipping

and story-telling

and imagining.

Off to the library!

and for a couple of other errands....

and now we're home

and tucked in

and it's 10:31pm and the children are watching a movie and cackling wildly.....


  1. Our days seem eerily similar. I'll have to put that George book on our list. Did you say its a sequel?

  2. It's the first one... the second one comes out very soon.

  3. Glad you got your taxes in.

    That picture of him reading is so sweet - looks like he's sneaking a look at you when you snap the picture.

    Wasn't the snow fun today?

  4. Here it's also snowing.........BLOSSOM!
    After rain comes sunshine!!!

  5. We love "Digging for Dinosaurs!" Well, we haven't seen it in a long time, but we have loved it!

  6. Those rice krispie treat dinosaurs are making me smile :0)

  7. Your days are so full of wonderful things. I wish DS and I could come play with you every day!!

  8. Ooooh! Rice Crispy treats, mmmmmm. Can I come by for snacktime? ;-)


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