Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14

We have rain and snow forecasted for a few days, now.

Which prob'ly won't stop us from being outside. But still.
Madeleine and her Mama tiptoed out to check on the garden in the rain while her brother still slept... to whisper sweet nothin's onto and over the blossoms and tiny green things.

the Cherry Tree


the Moss is 'taking to' just fine




and the Grass Heads. Just when I'd given up.

We (Trevy woke up) read chapters 14 and 15 of George's Key.

And then watched the Atlantis space shuttle launch.

Which led to other National Geographic videos, and of course to Prehistory.

And research.
And talk (er, a lecture, actually-- Little Son loves to lecture on Prehistory) about which species were good parents.

And to work on our Timeline.The timeline is coming along nicely. I've got the whole basement, and then back up the stairway lined out. The time periods have been marked, and though there's tons of open space (as we shall fill things in over time as we study them), it has been begun earnestly and actively. I love it.

Biome building (Trev's words) for one
and JumpStart for the other

and Zoomorphs. Dino and Fossil morphs, actually.
play play play

To Outside. Please.
Please, children-- outside for a minute (while Mama does these thousand things that you need to be done Right This Second)...

There were Two hands of Go Fish played
and Toy Story
(and cleaning up while the babes were engaged... whoof.)

Checkers.Trev (black) won.
And not entirely intentionally-- at critical points I made unthinking moves. :)
Mama made a mental note to pay attention during games, and to not under-estimate the children.

and puzzles.

We made playdough.
Dinosaur green (Fern Green) for Trev
pink for Madd.And more play play play.

Toy Story II....

and I'm not sure what is in store for the rest of this lovely day.

Almost anything is possible...


  1. Oh I hope you haven't planted your sweet little baby plants yet!

  2. Nope.
    Well - the lettuce we've planted, but they'll do fine.
    Everything is out enjoying the rains (it's warm enough) but they'll be brought in tomorrow night when it will near freezing.
    Everything in the pics are perennials. :)

  3. Some of my favorites were in your pics... columbine and lilacs and parsley!

    Fun day!

  4. What an awesome timeline you all will have!

    Did that parsley overwinter in your garden? I have to start mine new every year.

  5. Beautiful.
    I love seeing your pictures everyday.

  6. A=NJ- Yeah!
    Surprisingly, it's been out there - this is the third season, now.
    I divided it this year, as it had three distinct parts, and put some in the herb garden, and moved the other.
    It stays green all winter, too! - strange. (We're zone 5B, so down to -10, but usually no lower than 0.)

  7. Lovely, as usual. Had to stop by and get my daily dose of happy!

  8. Oh, I want to see that entire timeline! I know it's not done, will it ever be done or is it ongoing? It sounds incredible Stephanie.

  9. It'll never be done.
    Well-- as long as we own this house, anyway.

    I was thinking that maybe I'd do a post on it. Guess I will.


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