Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10

A snuggle and chapter six of George and his Key started out our day. A fine beginning.

Bees. Our tree was humming loudly again - we were reminded to look up exactly what was going on. (In one of our animal encyclopedia books.)

Which led to a small map of the world, and then to the globe.
Which led to maps (on our timeline) of Earth and its continents during different time periods. :)
You know. The usual way of things.

Trevy was waiting for his friend to get done with her chores so she could play, so we played our Bingo game to pass the time. Addition and subtraction today.I love that game!! (Oh-- and Trev won. As usual.)

Ope! It's that time.Trevelyn has been waiting and waiting...
... and of course Maddie had to get in on that action.
Hmmmm... still waiting for Friend...
Let's investigate.


Two hands of Go Fish.

Neighborhood walk.

Which meant...
And an egg! (Not thriving.)
We got to hold it and feel it... and to see how much different they are than chicken eggs.

To home.

As so often happens in this life of ours...
Nothing out of the ordinary,
but still,
it's Magic.


  1. Love this post...what a great flow...such magic!

  2. Loving the snail. I have such a soft spot for them! The humming tree is the magical.

  3. Magic indeed! Love the ducklings... wow!

  4. Beautiful!
    Your mower looks like ours.
    I've been avoiding it though.
    Too many beautiful weeds in that grass.

  5. You have green GRASS??? We still have brown matted blugginess (as my son called it today). :) Nice...

  6. That snail is amazing and the ducklings too and the grass.... all of it is magic... every last bit :)

  7. Snails, and grass mowing. Wahhh! I need summer. I would have totally cracked open that egg to see what the deal was. But, I am weird like that...

  8. that snail is huge!! Ever since warmer weather, Maya has had her face in the earth searching for wiggly friends too, I love that. gosh and I just LOVE the flow of your days together too!!


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