Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April 1

Today we've thoroughly lived and breathed Earth History.

From morning tales shared with Grammy (a fresh audience is always desirable)to shifting through piles of papers.
From looking through books from our shelves

to doing searches for new (and thorough) ones.

From Magic School Bus Dinosaur game

to evolving new ones with Spore.

From Wikipedia

to the SDNHM (San Diego Natural History Museum)

From National Geographic's Prehistoric Timeline

to sitting on the floor in Barnes and Noble. (With a short stack of "to go"'s.)

From books at dinner....
back to sitting on the floor among papers and open books,
sharpie in hand....
looking at the Timeline.
Life is good.


  1. I love to see all the stuff out and available so kids can jump right in!!

    I have to fight against my need to clean up "the mess" - my boy needs his stuff around him... :)

  2. What a wonderful subject. Love the pictures of the floor filled with papers.


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