Wednesday, March 04, 2009


The last day of 50-60 degrees for a while.
What can you do but go Outside?
But first... popsicles.Lime ones. [shlllp]

and kites, naturally
a game of hot potato
Inside for a bit of mystery play while Mama cut back the rest of the roses and admired lilac leaf buds
(hmmmm, mystery play involving Sprinkles, mama thinks...)

bancing games
into the sandbox

The rest of the day/evening looks like:
tidying up
dinosaur tales,
helping Grammy with her taxes,
cooooold air movin' in,
Mama checking the temperature of the soil because she wants a finite understanding of the relation between earth and immediate atmosphere,
making ready for Daddy to get home
plans for popcorn-and-a-movie.

All is well, then.


  1. Looks like a fun day-where is SLC?

  2. Sounds like a great spring day!

  3. Jane - Salt Lake City, Utah.

    High mountain desert.

    Cold, cold winters, and hot, hot summers. -10 all the way up to 110f. :)

  4. Oh, great day! And that is WARM! :) We are getting to the mid-40's tomorrow they say, so we are planning to dig and play a bit too!

  5. It looks like a fun day. Sunnyboy's dad has just bought a kite. We're going to fly it at the weekend.

  6. What a nice day! Glad you got out to enjoy it. It was nice here too today... but tomorrow will bring more snow and cold. The cold will be short lived I hope. :)

  7. I feel like we're lagging behind here in Maine... missing all the fun. Your outside days are so full and fun!!!

    I'm dreamin' of lilacs...

  8. probably a dumb question but how do you play hot potatoes?

  9. Hey se7en.

    It's a game we made up a year or two ago (I don't know why we call it Hot Potato)- you just put a ball on the tramp, and try to avoid being tagged by it.

    It gets harder if there's more than one ball, but then Mama has to leave the garden every three seconds to pick them back up again.
    With one, it's not as often! :)

    (and it's not a stupid question, I just didn't know anyone would be interested. I don't know why I didn't think a fun game would be of interest!)


  10. Love that picture of maddie and the sprinkles:)

  11. Forgot to add that my kids play the same game with the balls, only they call it 'Poison Ball'. Anyway, they usually put all 10+ bals that we have up there;)

  12. Thanks - we will try it out on our deck... which can get pretty riotous and it's static - we have spent the summer playing soccer and scampering into a neighbor to get the ball back - a bit like in go dog go (I think it is) when they play tennis on an apartment roof!

  13. HA! Must be an international game, we have the ball on the trampoline one too, only don't know if it has a name but I hear "if it touches you, you die" and someone falls over dramatically before continuing on lol.

  14. lol
    Isn't that funny how we make up the same games?


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