Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yesterday my son asked me if I knew how to cook.


My husband (the Chef), thought that was hilarious.

He found it much funnier than I did.


  1. That's really funny. :) It reminds me of something one of my kids said the other day. I asked the hubby to grab me a glass of water, and one of the kids, who shall remain nameless, said, "Why does Daddy have to do everything around here?" As if! Thanks for the smile.

  2. Joy - exactly.
    Glad someone knows. :)

  3. that's really funny. :)

  4. This is soooo funny. It reminded me of something...
    About a week or two after I had Audrey, I was in the kitchen making dinnner when Lauren comes in and excitedly exclaims, " can cook now?!!!"
    I guess it had been a while. There toward the end they were eating cereal at least 3 nights a week. The other four, Mike was home.


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