Wednesday, March 11, 2009

spring cleanin'

our day was filled with two things,
and just two things.

Maddie's bedroom (done!)

and Spore. Trev got to the Space stage!!

Prob'ly more of the same tomorrow....

(how satisfying is it, Mamas, to get all that stuff out of there? Every broken, outgrown. or unwanted toy, every drawer, every shirt, shoe, dress, pants, sock too small, every unappreciated stuffed animal ready for charity or a friend, every bit of dust off the ceiling fan and walls, every picture shined up, no nothin's under the bed or stuffed at the top of the closet, no smudges on the door and no dust resting at the top of the frame?
Psh. Pretty good stuff, that.)


  1. Spring cleaning leaves such a good feeling!

  2. I guess it'll happen at some point around here. Right now though, we've got garden priority. I never seem to get to spring cleaning until mid summer when the heat drives up back inside.

  3. See, I live for decluttering. It is an addiction. It's so good to see the stuff that does not bring joy, or have use, except space sucking leave. It is a great feeling!

  4. April -
    we've had verra cold, snowy, and windy weather.
    Extra fine weather - near 60! expected soon.
    You know we'll be out from dusk til dawn then!!

  5. That feels so good!! I was just starting to clean the livingroom.....and then my daughter cried for breastfeeding.
    ....So thats done. Now I have too clean the rest! (hairballs)

  6. Decluttering. . .how great it is to get rid of things that aren't useful or don't bring joy and beauty to our lives!

  7. When the sun starts shining through the windows showing all the dust that's accumulated in my house, it's definitely time for spring cleaning! This morning I scrubbed the grease off the wall behind my stove. But now it's time to get out in the garden...

  8. It does feel nice when the cleaning is all done and clutter is gone with.

  9. Oh good on you...i love a good spring clean. Ahhh i feel fresh from reading this...heheh

  10. Oh, addictive stuff alright decluttering! Just reading your post made me want to go find something else to go ferret around in. I did dd's room over the weekend again (even decided to do a total paint job on it lol, dh aint' too happy about my spontaneous decisions on things like that - but it looks fantastic and so much more like her now).


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