Monday, March 09, 2009

perfect day number march 9


alien force

Trevelyn has evolved his "vlosaraptr" (velociraptor) species into a tribal village!It's the second species he's evolved into a tribe, but the first dinosaur one. Spore is a pretty great game-- if you can dream it, you can create (evolve) it. Even your own version of favorite dinosaurs!

made-up hopscotch, jumping and leaping games

building castles and burying friends

experimenting with physics

This one was easy and fun-- Maddie played with hers for probably twenty minutes straight.
Another demonstration of Newton's third law of motion. (We're getting to be pretty familiar with this one. :) )

barbie and dollhouse play

mmmm....sour cream pound cake with lemon-glaze

and strawberries....shared with a little green froggy Friend.

and there was...


and still more Spore

and Clifford

...and waiting for Daddy to get home from skiing....

and we completed our five gifts share (ie drew names out of the hat)

showed Daddy the successful physics experiment
(Daddy played, too, of course)

watched Tall Tales and Legends: Davey Crockett

Let me just say a few, that is, share a few words said.... about this film.
Trev was verra reluctant.
"You don't have to watch it if you don't wannu," says his Daddy (even though this sort of thing is right up Daddy's alley).
"Yes, you do." :) says Mama. "I want to watch it, and I want you to watch it with me. Give it fifteen minutes."
After informing his Mama that she didn't have a choice in his choices (and rightly so), and after learning it was a Tall Tale, and that Davey 'grinned down a bear' and 'grabbed a comet by the tail and sent it back into space', Trev agreed to the fifteen minutes.
I'm happy to say it didn't take that long. (and no, not smugly and arrogantly satisfied, but genuinely happy that we shared this. Trev really enjoyed it.)
We paused the movie several times.
...To discuss:
- Treaties
- (and revisit) Land so gallantly [rolls eyes] afforded to the Native American tribes (Trev knows about Reservations and white man snatching land from the Native Americans)
- The Alamo
- Death, and dying for your Cause
- Dealing with rich people and their influence on politics and laws
- Making sure you're Right... and going ahead

And finally we arrive to a bit of borrowed Ratatouille fun... and possibly we're up for The Rescuers

Aside from these, it's been an easy, breazy, At Home Day flavored with lots of peace and very little contention.
What more could you possibly want from a day than this, I ask you?

We'll see you tomorrow, then.


  1. All those goodies to eat and all that fun to share....doesn't get much better than that :)

  2. We just picked up Ratatouille from the library today. (Are you my secret twin?)

    I think Tall Tales and Legends is one for us to check out.


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