Monday, March 02, 2009

march two

It's not like I think it's Summer, or anything.

It's just that.... you know.... if it's gonna be nice...or at least warm... and Mama Nature says "Tut, tut... Winter is nearing it's end, Dear, and while We (as in the royal "We") realize that you didn't get done Nearly What You Should Have, your allotted resting/quiet/thinking time has almost come to a close, as We are moving on..... Like It, Or Not."
What can a girl do, but sigh, shrug, and say, "Well,... alright, then."
Because, Dear Friend, I'd much rather view my self as "Way Ahead" (according to the list of Things That Must Be Done), then "Far, Far Behind".
And that's the Truth.

So, in that light, we attempted to stand on a bit of expertise today.
First in the name of this...

a ph and fertility test

(which shall be returned to "from which it came")
and then this...[rolls eyes]
You'll have to excuse me. It's been Winter. I'm a bit out of practice.
My mojo and rapport with the Earth is a bit "off".

But after a bit of planning which led to this play...
and wormliness
and digging
and red spider watching
and compost spreading
and garlic fusion separating

Mama whipped out her favorite organic garden bible, and re-membered with why she hasn't invested funds in such generic piddly-widdlies before.
Because they're wasteful, and nonsense.

ie, question: "Mary, Mary, quite contrary.. How does your garden grow?"
answer: "With silver bells, and cockle shells.... and pretty maids, all in a row. And not because of a generic, unscientific test that tells her A+B=C when she can use her own sense and see that things are flourishing and that she can add spent peas and yarrow leaves to the soil to add nutrients and balance the ph. Along with organic stinky fish fertilizer.

One step forward, two steps back.

This is why I began my official gardening while still in February this year.
(Hopefully by mid-April I'll be quite in the swing of things again.)

On a pleasant note, I finally tracked down a soil thermometer.
And, remember our bean experiment?
While it has not yet exploded or burst with sprouts, it has swelled to twice its original sizeTrev enthusiastically shows the beans!

... to be checked upon in another two days...

And another pleasant note - Daddy plays (figuratively speaking) the guitar in the next room while Mama writes...

Life is good.

A warm wind blows
mexican take-out for dinner
handmade coconut lotion bar for a gardener's hands

a deep breath and sigh
And all is well.


  1. Your experimenting has been quite fascinating to see. Keep us posted, for sure!

  2. WE can't wait to get out and dig. Supposed to warm up later this week here and maybe the snow will be gone for a few days...we'll only have to wade past the bunny balls left from a winter of snarking on the bird food. ;P He he. Great photos! I'm itching to plant.

  3. Oh how brilliant. What a great post.

  4. I never had a knack for all the testing. Guess I just figured if I keep adding organic material and invite in the devas to do their stuff everything will work out fine.

    Here's to a glorious gardening season!

  5. April - Lord knows what possessed me to think I had to have an official (ha!) word on the condition of my gardens.
    My only excuse is that I've been away too long, I guess. :)

  6. Oh- and Denise - I'm so happy for you! The boys will be ecstatic.

  7. I love the teepee and am so ready for warm weather and dirt digging!

  8. Erin - I got the idea from Denise, I believe!

    I can't wait 'til it's full of greenbeans and cucumbers!

  9. We're planning our first garden this year...Owen announced today he thinks we should move all the planting up three weeks!!!

    (We have 36 gazillion inches of snow right now.)

    Your garden looks great :0)

  10. Oh that teepee! My kids would love that! Your days are so full & free, I'm loving to read along.


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