Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31

Well, it started out the usual way.

With library videos, and Zoo Tycoon. Today Trevelyn is especially interested in finding fossils, researching, and creating animals out of fossils and dna.

Since we were out of our cleaners, I asked the babes -as I always do- if they'd like to help me make them. To my surprise, they responded with an enthusiastic "Yeah!"
So today they helped.
Household chemistry, I guess.The stove got a bonus cleaning from Trev when his cleaner was finished.
A good deal for Mama, certainly.

Cuppycakes. Madd made them. (Not organic and all-naturale today, I'm afraid. ah, well.)

Drawing lessons were up next.
Now we're not "lesson" kind of people around here. We're a bit too rebellious and free-spirited for that.On the other hand, there are things in life that we'd like to do, (such as, say... draw dinosaurs or record chipmunks and birds with pencils and water colors while on a nature walk). And in order to be able to do particular things one must have some idea of how to go about doing it.So we're beginning. With lessons - of a sort (more like consciously practicing). At the Very Beginning.

There were Flintstone videos and recreating prehistory in the sandbox.

And creating Bugs.

Now we've got a card game in the cards,
and popcorn-and-a-movie-- Winged Migration.

See ya tomorrow.


  1. Love the bugs-you guys do some fun crafts!

  2. What a good idea!

    We've been enjoying the Flintstones around here too. How did the kids like Winged Migration?

  3. Hey- we made laundry detergent yesterday! My sweet husband grated all the soap for me...:0)

    The bugs you all made are stupendous!!

  4. Love the bugs!
    Looks like a fun and free spirited day.

  5. Peggy - we all fell asleep at the end...

  6. The bugs are adorable. I love bugs!


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