Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30

This morning started out with Really Wild Animals: Awesome Animal Builders.

There was Spore

domino shape play

geo board investigations
lacing and beading

and addition Bingo.
Magic School Bus was next...

with more Spore

and then we made Grass Heads.Sooo cute!

Chase with Daddy
and hide-and-seek
and catch
and red light green light
and Follow the Leader.

Zoo Tycoon and Thomas and more Really Wild Animals.

Time to go!
To lunch,
for a quick nature walk....
and to the museum. With friends.

That will do.


  1. That's a really full day.... I'm exhausted just reading about it!!

    Must get Owen a geoboard... they look mighty groovy to me :0)

  2. Excellent day! I have often wondered about geoboards but never made one. I might have to look into that again.


  3. All those dinosaur bones must have been fascinating. I'm intrigued by the picture of the hunters throwing their spears - interesting display! Very cute grassheads too!

  4. What an AWESOME museum! My boys would love that!

  5. The boys loved these photos. They practically ripped me off the computer to get a better look. Rainer was especially excited about the orthicones (our museum doesn't have them).

  6. OK, so I'm obliged to ask what the fish and the raptor-looking dinosaur are. Rainer's first guess was Utah raptor, but he NEEDS to know for sure.

    I think you understand these things.

  7. Kelly - they were throwing at the Mammoth. Twas very interesting.

    AprilNJ - it is indeed a Utah Raptor!
    The turtle is an Archelon, and I think the fish is Xifactinus. I'll check with Trev when he wakes up.


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